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speaker setup

  1. S

    Eosone RSF 1000 Speakers setup

    I have a pair of Eosone RFS 1000 Speakers. They have in each speaker a pair of 10" subs (one powered by the internal 120w amp and one passive, powered by external amplification). They have 2 6.5" mid drivers...one firing forward and the other on the rear firing rearward. There is also 1 4"...
  2. N

    Speaker setup for 2 viewing seats

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the inconvenience my poor planning has caused but I have a problem. I have just refurbished my house an I have prewired a 5.1 speaker setup for my 65 inch tv, which is great and sounds awesome when on. The problem is this, if you can imagine I am sat in front of the TV and...
  3. B

    Pioneer VSX-LX302 speaker setup?

    Hello all, I have a Pioneer VSX-LX302 that I am trying to figure out if I can use it in our theater that has a 9.2 speaker setup. I'm left with a set of surround speakers to connect. We just upgraded our projector to a 4K and our old Denon does not have the ability to support it. Is there a...
  4. N

    Receiver for 3.1 speaker setup

    Hi, I realize this is waaay below the level of sophistication of systems you normally discuss here, but I'm hoping the experts on this forum can help me out. I just got a new TV (Vizio M65-E0) that has only one HDMI port capable of handling 4K UHD input. I have two devices currently that...
  5. valentins

    5.1.4 ATMOS Speaker setup - B&W CM8 S2, CCM662, CCM684

    Newbie here.. Currently working on a 5.1.4 ATMOS setup and would appreciate any comments/suggestions regarding the speaker choice and placement. Working with: Yamaha RX-A3060 Sub - BK P12-300SB-DF Fronts - B&W CM8 S2 Centre - B&W CCM 7.4 Rear Surrounds - 2 x B&W CCM662 Atmos- 4 x B&W CCM684...
  6. AustinG

    Outdoor speaker setup

    I am trying to setup outdoor speakers with 2 pairs of speakers to cover two large areas of my deck. Sorry but I am clueless about this stuff. I have Sonos soundbar for my main Tv so I was looking at some of the Sonos products. One guy that looked at it said the connect amp could not handle the...
  7. D

    7.1.4 setup opinions needed

    I am looking for some general thoughts/advice from people on how I should handle the setup of our home theater downstairs. I'm looking to do a 7.1.4 setup in our basement but the left side of the theater area has a large open space which goes into the other portion of the basement and we have...
  8. James Harshman

    Best setup for speakers?

    Speakers & Setup right now Cerwin-Vega E-710: Front L&R Sansui S-76u: Surround L&R Sansui SP-2500: SurroundB L&R JBL Arena S10: Subwoofer Sony STR-DH710: AV Reciever Im trying to figure out if this is the best setup for these speakers. I dont know if I should switch the sansui sp-2500s with the...