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    Spdif soundbar issue

    Hi all, My roommate just bought a sceptre 4k UHD TV. Obviously it's a cheap tv so it doesn't have that many features. I want to buy a soundbar for it, and was looking at the Yamaha YAS-203. Since the Yamaha doesn't have an HDMI input though, I'd have to use the SPDIF output from the TV to the...
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    How to get a surround sound from my Smart TV with my small humble 5.1 speaker system?

    Hi All, I am Prabhakaran from India. I bought this smart TV before 10 months: http://www.amazon.in/Onida-LEO40FSAIN-LEO40FAIN-inches-Android/dp/B010ANTV7Y along with this 5.1 speaker system: http://www.amazon.in/Intex-IT-500SUF-INTEX-IT-500B-Speaker/dp/B00E6Q5SMO According to this question...