1. Jake Lipson

    How to Train Your Dragon limited expanded CD coming from Varèse Sarabande

    Varèse Sarabande is currently taking pre-orders for a surprise (to me) Deluxe Edition release of John Powell's score for the original How to Train Your Dragon film. I seem to recall we have some fans of this around the board so I thought I would post about it. I got the email from their...
  2. Osato

    2001: a space odyssey soundtrack reissue 2018?

    Just curious if anyone had picked up the reissue of the 2001 score. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Music From The Motion Picture) I have the older expanded release but I was curious to hear thoughts on the newer version. thanks!
  3. Brent Reid

    Can anyone ID this Alfred Hitchcock film music?

    I'd love to know the title of the music accompanying a version of Alfred Hitchcock's silent film The Lodger (1926). It's a well-edited needle-drop of a pre-existing recording on the "Vintage Films" sound reissue (c. 1930–1950), which now appears on many bootlegs. There are a couple of...
  4. Nelson Au

    Bride of Frankenstein 1935 soundtrack La La Land

    I got an exciting email from La La Land Records that the original 1935 Franz Waxman score for Bride of Frankenstein is released today. First time in any format. Though the score is not complete due to missing elements, this is still exciting. I’ve been listening to a re-recording that’s well...
  5. Nelson Au

    Superman The Movie, and sequel soundtrack set question

    Hey guys and Neil S Bulk too if you’re around- I’ve seen that there is a 3CD set of Superman The Movie soundtrack at La La Land Records. There’s also a Superman 2 and 3 soundtrack set and Superman 4 from La La Land. What I’m trying to understand is the difference from the earlier Film Score...
  6. Nelson Au

    The Planet of the Apes - Original Film series soundtrack collection

    Hey guys, I just got an email about this new box set of the original Planet of the Apes film series soundtrack box set from La La Land Records. Remastered from original tape sources. All the films from 1968 to 1973. I have the original CDs of the Varese Sarabande releases of the first and third...
  7. Nelson Au

    Sony halts licensing to third party vendors. Bad news for the Bond soundtrack titles

    A friend just made me aware of this news that Sony will no longer license to third party record companies. There is a thread on this in the Hoffman forum and Film Score Monthly, I’ve included the Film Score Monthly link below. I haven’t read the whole thread yet. The first post is very bad news...
  8. JohnHopper

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

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