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    Seeking Soundproofing Advice

    Long time listener, first time caller, so please be gentle. We're in the process of a full home remodel, and I'm working on a dual-use room that will be both a Home Office and a Home Theater. I know this makes it an odd space, but I work full time from home and it's my only option to have a room...
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    pioneer sp-c22 vs polk audio cs10

    hi all, iam planning to build my own dedicated budget home theatre. I have a few doubts. please help me. my room size is 20*12 feet. i have decided to buy a denon avr-x2400h av receiver. i bought a pair of pioneer sp-fs52 floor standing speakers. i plan to buy a pair of polk t15 bookshelf...
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    soundproofing questions

    I am looking to finish my basement and am looking into turning one into a home theater for my family to enjoy. the room is around 33'4" x 10'8" unfinished. I went through beings sticky which gave me a fair idea of things to consider for prepping a room for a theater, but it left me with this...