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  1. Dashingww

    Can't get surround speakers to work with Dolby Digital

    Hi Peeps, okay I have a yamaha Dolby Digital/DTS receiver, I have all my device players going into the receiver with HDMI cables and the receiver going out to the TV with an HDMI cable. When my receiver is receiving a Dolby Digital signal it displays Dolby Digital on the LCD on the front panel...
  2. L

    Question? Marking a thread solved

    How do I mark a thread as solved?
  3. L

    Issues with Sound (DirecTV)

    Hey gang: It's been awhile since I have posted. Quick question to point me in the right direction. When watching a source from blu-ray or DVD, my audio sounds great. For normal viewing of TV if you will (DirecTV) I never seem to be able to achieve the same quality I get from my blu-ray player...