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  1. R

    Region free Blu-rays that are "not authorized for sale outside The USA" sold though Amazon outside The USA??

    So I live in Europe and want to buy a Blu-ray release through Amazon, but I noticed the back cover says: "Not authorized for sale outside The USA." Oddly the Blu-ray itself is region free. It's by Warner Brothers and I read that all their Blu-rays are region free. Doesn't that mean they want...
  2. Dave Moritz

    Amplifier sold at Roger Sound Labs in the 90's

    So those that remember the retailer Roger Sound Labs I am trying to find the name of a power amplifier that was actually made by a company many of us know called Threshold! Does anyone remember the brand this two channel power amplifier was sold under?
  3. William06

    FS Panasonic ub820

    Selling my Panasonic UB820 SOLD Excellent condition works great latest firmware, light use. All original accessories the original remote plus a ub 900 lighted remote and 2 premium certified hdmi cables. All original packing SOLD includes shipping cont us and PayPal confirmed fees. Double boxed...
  4. 1

    Codes for sale

    I have the following codes for sale: Bumblebee (from 4K) $8 (says paramountmovies.com but I am told can redeem in vudu) Holmes and Watson (from Blu-ray) $5 (movies anywhere) The Vanishing (from Blu-ray) $5 (redeem at movieredeem.com) We Die Young (from Blu-ray) $5 (redeem at movieredeem.com)...