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  1. Adam Lenhardt

    Silicon Valley - Final Season (HBO)

    Season 1 thread Season 2 thread Season 3 thread Season 4 thread Season 5 thread First trailer for the sixth (and final) season just dropped:
  2. joshEH

    Silicon Valley - Season 5 (HBO)

    First trailer for the new (and T.J. Miller-less) season just dropped: I hope this means Thomas Middleditch will not have time to do any more of those obnoxious Verizon commercials. This show sure dodged a bullet with Miller leaving of his own accord. Still, it would have been fun to have...
  3. P

    WTB: Silicon Valley S2 digital copy - $7.50

    Willing to pay $7.50 for complete digital code from Silicon Valley Season 2 (in case this helps convince someone who is thinking of buying the Blu-rays).
  4. J

    Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley - iTunes

    GOT - Season 4 - $5 GOT - Season 5 - $5 SV - Season 1 - $4
  5. joshEH

    Silicon Valley - Season 4 (HBO)

    First trailer for the new season just dropped today: Premieres April 4th. Fuckin' Jared. He makes this show for me. If that car is anything to go by, they may be looking through Peter Gregory's former belongings at the end (R.I.P.).