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  1. rmw650

    Spotted a new L&H Collection but seems to be filled with public domain and silent content.

    Just spotted something on Amazon.com regarding a possible new Laurel & hardy Collection, but it seems like they're only containing the public domain and silent stuff and a few tidbits here and there. here is the link to the new set coming out on January 8...
  2. J

    Silent Movies The One Woman Idea and Honeymoon Hate?

    Has anyone seen either of these movies? I know they were on TV at one point, because my grandmother had seen them, but I don't think they have been released on DVD or VHS. If they are, I'd love to know where I could buy them from, because I am somehow related to one of the actors, named Shirley...
  3. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Fritz Lang: The Silent Films -- in Blu-ray

    Fritz Lang: The Silent Films is an interesting re-packaging by Kino Classics. They've created a quality assortment of Mr. Lang's best silent works, inclusive of one written, but not directed by the master filmmaker, by bringing together nine titles previously available on Blu-ray via the Kino...
  4. JFFJ

    Sony Pictures Choice Collection Silent Films

    Excuse me if this has been discussed elsewhere. Today, I re-visited Columbia's THE BELLE OF BROADWAY, a 1926 silent starring Betty Compson, an enjoyable dramedy with a very appropriate music score by Christopher Caliendo. Question: Have any additional Columbia silent films been given a MOD...
  5. Peter Apruzzese

    RIP David Shepard, Silent Film Preservation Giant

  6. KPmusmag

    Little Mickey Grogan 1927 silent film restoration

    Little Mickey Grogan 1927 silent film restoration I have no affiliation with anyone involved in this, but I thought some might find interest. This is a local (for me) effort to restore a virtually lost silent film from 1927, which has only 1 print in existence in France. Donations are low, not...
  7. D

    Silent Soundbar - Hisense TV to Panasonic Soundbar

    Hi all, has anyone tried hooking up a Panasonic Soundbar and a Hisense TV? Soundbar works perfectly well with another TV I have using the same HDMI cable but once I hook it up to the Hisense there is nothing coming out. Simple hdmi arc to hdmi arc connection. I've tried turning Tv speakers off...
  8. bigshot

    International The Last Command 1928

    I screened this last night... WHAT A FANTASTIC FILM! The acting is incredible, particularly Emil Jannings. His performance showed layer after layer of nuance, and the ending completely blew my socks off. Von Sternberg's direction was fantastic too. Every shot was staged and composed beautifully...