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signal detection cable connection issues

  1. Tony Bensley

    HDMI connection to TV for PC Laptop keeps failing!

    A few days ago, my 32 inch Toshiba TV started periodically losing the video signal from my Acer PC Laptop, which is connected via HDMI from both ends. What has been consistent is each time I lift the lid on my PC Laptop, my TV starts receiving the HDMI signal again. When my TV stopped picking...
  2. Tony Bensley

    HDMI Signal Detecting Issue With Samsung Blu-ray Player on our Sony Bravia TV Has Recently Inexplicably Developed!!

    It seems that I have run into one of those oddball, not readily explicable playback issues that are known to periodically develop. This has effectively shut down the playing of the second Blu-ray disc of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956), that my wife and I enjoyed the first disc of (After some...