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  1. battlebeast

    Blotchy, Pixelated SHARP TV

    I have a 60" SHARP TV that is about 5 years old. I didn't really notice this problem before, but when I recently moved it, the picture became blotchy and pixelated. Blacks aren't deep, and sometimes come out dark blue. many times it looks like there is film grain over the picture when there...
  2. L

    Sony HT CT-150 and Sharp Aquos no sound

    I jsut moved my tv and sound bar to another wall and can't get sound from the sound bar. I made sure when I moved it to plug the HDMI cable into the dame slot it was in on the TV. My big goof was not looking to see where it was plugged into on the Sony. I have tried all 4 ports on the sound...
  3. J

    Crackling sound from Sharp Aqous on Fiber Optic cable in PCM mode.

    I have a 60" Sharp AQUOS tv connected to LG SH3k soundbar. It recently started crackling in PCM mode on soundbar. I disconnected soundbar and still crackling through tv speakers in PCM mode, what is wrong? It just started a week ago. HELP.......
  4. Z

    Audio lag on my Sharp P5000U FHD TV

    Hi. I'm fairly new to this forum site, and I was just wondering if anyone could help me. You see, a few months ago, I got a Sharp P5000U TV. Not 4K, which was fine. I just wanted a newer TV that could replace my around-10-year-old Ölevia TV. I noticed that the audio was behind the video when...