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  1. Sarah Matheson

    Home theater seating

    How crazy did you guys get with home theater seating? I know you can spend a fortune on Seatcraft Bass Shaker full grain leather w/ LED lights, but I assume most people use a regular sofa or reclining chair?
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    Home Theater Seating

    For the past fourteen years, I have watched TV and movies in the same oversized leather chair: I love this chair. I have practically lived in this chair. However, I woke up on the Fourth of July with a terrible stiff neck that lasted three or four days, and I've been dealing with neck...
  3. Jeffreybomb

    Places to buy stadium seating?

    I'm interested in buying theater seating for a stadium-style set-up. I'm perfectly fine with considering used seating in order to keep the budget nice and low. I've perused eBay and craigslist for some ideas and I've actually found some options, but I'm sort of surprised how few used seats I've...