season 2

  1. SamT

    Narcos: Mexico - Season 2

  2. D

    Knightfall Season 2 Blu0ray

    So, I love(d) the show. However, very frustrated about the Blu-ray issue. Thought DVD's were on the way out? Now it is finally on blu-ray, but looks to be a region 2 only. So, does anyone know for sure if this is a misprint? I want physical items! Not digital. Yet, not going to go buy a seperate...
  3. disctrip

    Season 2 of MR NOVAK?

    Any news if Warner is going to release season 2 ?
  4. MarkMel

    Killing Eve - Season 2 BBC America

    Just finished season one. Came here to find there wasn't even a thread on season 1! How have people missed this show? It's excellent and I love the black humor. (PS, Not sure how I missed season 1 but there were several people talking about is so I thought I'd catch up on it.) Season 2 just...
  5. John*Wells

    Cobra Kai Season 2

    Will the episodes still be about a half Hour each? I had hoped the length of each episode might increase given the popularity of the show
  6. Adam Lenhardt

    Counterpart (Starz) - Season 2

    Season 1 thread Premieres tonight at 9/8c, following a new episode of "Outlander". One of my favorites of 2017. At the Office of Interchange, those who have high enough access, safeguard a crossing into a parallel dimension not unlike our own. And if their world is like ours, who are we...
  7. dana martin

    Stranger things season 2 Target exclusive

    Hey so I just found out next Tuesday that Target is got the exclusive release of season 2 of stranger things it's going to be in the VHS style packaging like before but the difference is this time they're releasing the Blu-ray and the 4K at the same time just letting everybody know
  8. rmw650

    Step By Step Season 2 forthcoming but no official date of release but there is cover art.

    Spotted this news on the TV SHOW ON DVD facebook page as they have a listing for Step by Step Season 2 with cover art, BUT there is no official date of release as of this writing. If I find more about this newest release, will be sure to let everyone kn ow on here. Cover Arts front and back:
  9. MarkMel

    The Sinner - Season 2 USA

    Season 2 starts on 8/1. Looks like another good story.
  10. Francois Caron

    The Orville - Season 2

    The first trailer for season 2 is up! The show returns on December 30.
  11. John*Wells

    Mayberry RFD Season 2 ??

    Ive been searching the web for a while and so far I Cant find anything on the release? Anyone else?
  12. Sam Favate

    Marvel's Luke Cage (Netflix) Season 2 - June 22

    Trailer for season 2, which drops June 22 on Netflix. Looks great, with Cage evolving from the brooding character of season 1 to a more open, humorous character.
  13. TonyD

    Westworld season 2 HBO April 2018 spoilers discussion

    Well season two finally started after a little ver a year from the end of season 1. Looks like there will be some flashback to the ten days from the end of s1 to the opening of s2. Looks like this is an island, I think there was some speculation it was on another planet. Bernard appears to...
  14. joshEH

    Atlanta - Season 2 (FX)

    Season 2. March 1st. Words can't describe how much I love this genius show. And it has a new season-title: "Atlanta Robbin' Season." Here's the premise for the new season:
  15. Adam Lenhardt

    The Good Fight - Season 2 (CBS All Access)

    Season 1 thread The "Good Wife" spinoff’s 13-episode second season will launch on Sunday, March 4, 2018.
  16. John*Wells

    Any word on Mayberry RFD Season 2 and 3?

    I got The Andy Griffith Show recently (Complete Series ) and it isn't really completed without Mayberry RFD since Andy, and Helen appear on a guest Basis. I know Season 1 came out 3 years ago
  17. JohnS

    Riverdale Season 2

    Anxious for this show returning. Very surprised how much I enjoyed the first season. Starts Oct 11th (Wed) And evidently episodes will be available on Netflix Friday after it airs on CW.
  18. Sean Bryan

    Preacher: Season 2

    I've been really enjoyed Season 2 of AMC's Preacher. I liked season 1, but this season has been much more enjoyable so far. Some really cool stuff in these past few episodes. I'm surprised there wasn't a thread already started. Anyway, here's the trailer for season 2
  19. SamT

    The Good Place - Season 2

    First look: Lap up this clam chowder fountain
  20. Josh Steinberg

    SOLD Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Blu-ray UK Import/All Region Sealed

    [sold - mods, feel free to delete thread]
  21. DaveF

    SyFy - The Expanse (Season 2)

    The Expanse returns February 1. And thanks to The Alamo Drafthouse, I'm going for a cinematic early viewing of the first two episodes! Season 1 thread