1. Andrew M

    Samsung UN55HU6950FXVA Soap Opera Effect

    My sister just inherited a Samsung UN55HU6950FXVA. It's suffering from soap opera effect. Can anyone offer me suggestions on the best settings to eliminate or reduce this effect? Any calibration suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. John_Bilbrey

    Samsung 65MU8000 wireless woes

    I recently picked up a Samsung 65MU8000. The TV itself has been great, but within the past week or so, the wireless on it has been flaky. Every time I turn on the TV, it won't connect to my router. Everything else in the house works fine, just the TV. I have to reset the network and...
  3. L

    Plex Server to Chromecast - to HDMI on Samsung TV - Optical Dig. out of TV to Harmon Kardon AVR 525

    Hi - I have an older (no HDMI) Harmon Kardon AVR 525. I am streaming content from a Plex Server to a Chromecast plugged into an HDMI on a 2008 Samsung Plasma.... and then outputting Audio from the Samsung via a an optical digital link to the HK receiver..... My speakers are a 5.1 configuration...
  4. DavidMiller

    Now we have a format war! HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

    I didn't see a post about this but since it is cause a lot of talk in the Facebook home theater forums I thought I would share. In case you didn't hear a new format has officially launched. HDR10+, basically the same as Dolby Vision but free (only a association fee) and only 10bit. Samsung...
  5. John_Bilbrey

    Unrealistic expectations? Samsung 65MU8000

    So after much reading and looking, and watching sets in store (which I know isn't a true example of what it will look like at home), I ended up pulling the trigger on a Samsung 65" MU8000 from Sams (technically a 800D) and brought it home. Followed the setup/calibration guidelines from...
  6. C

    Extending Samsung TV One Connect

    Good day folks, I recently purchased a new Samsung TV that comes with a "One Connect" HDMI switcher. I love the system, however the One Connect unit (BN91-17814W) only has 4 HDMI ports, and I need more to connect all the peripherals (xbox, dvd, roku, raspi, pc, etc.....) I was wondering what...
  7. Kevin Collins

    2017 CE Week TV shoot out

    Kevin Collins 2017 CE Week TV shoot out I had the pleasure of being one of the judges for the CE Week 2017 TV Shootout in NYC today. I flew in earlier in the week to be part of the calibration of the 6 UHD HDR 65” TV sets on Tuesday. The TV Shootout originated from our friend Robert Zohn...
  8. Jim Reid

    Odd objects on Samsung tv

    My brother sent me this pic. His 10 year old Samsung 40 inch LCD has some strange objects on it. Anyone seen this before?
  9. Hanson

    Samsung flops with the S8... but I still might get one

    For the want of a fingerprint reader, all was lost. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the most beautiful phones I've ever seen. From all accounts, they are as sleek and gorgeous in person, and a joy to hold. Look out at the rest of the smartphone world -- the Galaxy S8 looks like it came from a...
  10. Scott Hart

    Samsung Profits Estimated To Be Best In Four Years

    Scott Hart Samsung Profits Estimated To Be Best In Four Years Samsung Electronics posted its best quarterly profit in nearly four years despite its de-facto boss going to trial in a political corruption scandal and taking a faulty phone model off the market. From January to March, Samsung...
  11. Scott Hart

    Samsung Smart TV Security Flaws

    Scott Hart Samsung Smart TV Security Flaws The operating system on Samsung smart devices, Tizen, runs products like TVs, smartwatches and the Galaxy Z lineup. Samsung is (was) seeking to expand the Tizen offerings to more products and more markets. However, all may not be well the Tizen...
  12. Scott Hart

    Netflix Unveils 2017 Line-Up of Recommended TVs

    Scott Hart Netflix Unveils 2017 Line-Up of Recommended TVs Netflix has unveiled its 2017 line-up of ‘recommended TVs’ that it says offer a superior Netflix viewing experience. The streaming video company has named three new models as the first Netflix-recommended TVs of the year: the 2017...
  13. Scott Hart

    LG Takes Aim at Samsung With New Nano Cell TV

    Scott Hart LG Takes Aim at Samsung With New Nano Cell TV LG, which has poured more resources into the still-nascent but more lucrative organic light-emitting diode TV, now has come up with its own upgraded version of the LCD, the Nano Cell. LG said its Nano Cell uses 1-nanometer uniform...
  14. justcrash

    Problem with Samsung HW-K850 soundbar, please help

    Hello all! I miss hoping someone could help me out. We have a sharp Lc-50lb261u TV. We recently mounted it over the fireplace and I thought we would improve the sound. Went to Best Buy looking to spend around $300 but the sales guy directed us to the Samsung HW-K850 and it sounded awesome. It...
  15. ErobertSVT

    I need help Sony bdv-e2100 vs Samsung ht-j5500 and why

    well thats it, im planing to buy a new home theater system and came down to this two, sadly im in ground zero now, cant decide, which are your opinion? Thanks a lot
  16. cliff harris

    Confused as to why my surround sound isn't working...

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate any insight into this problem :D I'm pretty new to home theater stuff, but I am a tech geek (computer coder). anyway... I have this TV: This BluRay player:
  17. HDNutts2010

    New Samsung UN75JU7100FXZA JUTTER....

    So after going through a few new 4K TV and finally setteling on the Samsung UN75JU7100FXZA, It appears that during every football game I notice quite a bit of jutter. I got calibration settings from:
  18. J

    Samsung Smart TV & Samsung Cinema system connection

    I have a Samsung UE46F5500 Smart TV and have just purchased a Samsung HT-J5150 Surround sound cinema system. I have connected via an HDMI lead but cannot get the surround sound to play the sound from TV channels. What am I doing wrong?
  19. E

    Optoma Projector and Samsung Blu-Ray Player Troubles

    Hello all and thanks for the add! I'm a new guy on the forum and have some questions regarding my theater components... Start off by listing components: OPTOMA Projector: Model - H30 A/V Receiver: Samsung HT-C6600 First: I am wondering if possible to get OTA HD Antenna channels from the...
  20. NickBrazzi

    Compression look on displays in store?

    I've been looking at TVs in the store. I'm switching to a 4K TV after using a projector for years. The Samsungs have great reviews. But, in the store, the image looks smeared and full of compression on all the Samsung displays. Clearly, this could be a crappy signal fed into the TV at Best...