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  1. Reggie W

    Russian and Soviet cinema

    So, turn on the news today and it is all Russia, Russia, Russia...well, I have a real interest in taking a much deeper dive into Soviet and Russian cinema. Now, I am aware of and have seen the pictures that are widely available and praised here but I was looking to go beyond folks like...
  2. Dick

    Where are the Russian classics on Blu-ray?

    Specifically, of course, where is WAR AND PEACE (1968)? This epic is just so-o superior to the 1956 Paramount thing with Audrey Hepburn that it's like a completely different story, based on a completely different novel. Yet, for whatever reason, no effort seems to have gone into its restoration...
  3. A

    Film Comrad about Russia. and people.

    Film about life from Russia. About Russian order. Free watch, no cash. Good time for watch !
  4. bigshot

    International The Last Command 1928

    I screened this last night... WHAT A FANTASTIC FILM! The acting is incredible, particularly Emil Jannings. His performance showed layer after layer of nuance, and the ending completely blew my socks off. Von Sternberg's direction was fantastic too. Every shot was staged and composed beautifully...