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  1. M

    Fade to Black

    I heard rumors of a bluray release of "Fade to Black", the 1980 chiller starring Dennis Christopher. I've been waiting a long time for this one. Anyone have any info on it?
  2. Sam Posten

    2017 iPhone 8/8+ anticipation and rumors thread =)

    Rumors are starting to ramp up. Yesterday it was reported that Samsung is go for 160million OLED panels so that seems like a lock. Speaking of locks it now looks like there might not be an actual home button any more as we might be able to unlock the phone with fingers direct on glass...
  3. D

    Any News or Rumors about When We Were Kings (1996) coming to Blu-Ray?

    Hello! Does anyone know if there are any plans at all to release Leon Gast's outstanding academy award winning Documentary WHEN WE WERE KINGS on Blu-Ray? This is easily one of the best sports documentaries of all time, in my opinion, and I have really been hoping that one day this will be...
  4. DaveF

    Apple Event Sept 2016 (iPhone "7" and more?)

    it speaks to the maturity of the iPhone and the seemingly exhaustive rumor-reporting that no one cares to create an iPhone 7 thread just weeks ahead of the event. But that's the boring tech world of 2016 :) “iPhone 7: No Headphone Jack! Dual Cameras, and More”...