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  1. Josh Steinberg

    Suggestions for a wireless modem/router?

    I'm thinking about buying a modem rather than spending $10 each month to my cable company for use of one. The thing is - I've never bought a modem before and I have no idea what I should be looking for. I have Spectrum as my internet provider and they have this list on their website of what...
  2. Dennis Nicholls

    Buying cheap modem, router, and VOIP boxes

    Being retired I can afford to spend the time on being a hobbyist for electronic stuff. When Clearwire ceased operations in 2015, I had to switch to my cable supplier, CableOne, for internet access. Their original lowest tier service was 50 MBS. So I bought a used Motorola SB 6121 for $40 off...
  3. Sam Posten

    Mesh / Hub and spoke Wifi router general thread

    I know Ron loves his Eeros but I'm not sure that's the route I want to go down. Strongly considering the Orbi system. With BF pricing it looks like I can get the hub router and 2 spokes for under $350. Anyone try any of the Eero alternatives and have input...
  4. E

    Best router for home theater setup with 3D, Netflix, Hulu+, etc.

    Many people complain that downloads from Netflix are interrupted or lost! Would like as many Comcast users to comment on what Router they have and any problems or solutions that corrected their problems. I know about Netgear NDR3700, Asus N56U as being many peoples favorites. Would like feedback...
  5. TJPC

    New Router

    Our wifi keeps cutting out about once a week. It comes back if you unplug the router count to 10 and plug it back in, but what a pain in the ass! The cable company insists it's not them. I want to buy a new router, but have no idea what to get. We have about 1500 square feet over 3 floors...