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  1. JediFonger

    Rotel Owners

    howdy! there were some owner threads from many years ago... but i thought i'd start one a fresh. i just landed myself a RB990 and have a quick question. is it OK to stack on top of it? the heat appears to be dissipating from top and bottom (mostly bottom) where a ton of fins are. any tips...
  2. mune237

    Rotel RSX-1055 Set Up?

    Can I change the settings to set up my new to me RSX-1055 without a remote? I looking to buy one either way, but my center channel is way too loud now! TIA, I'm searching the internet too. Mune
  3. karl_burns

    FREE Rotel RSP-1068

    Hey fellow forum members, I have an old, but sturdy, Rotel RSP-1068 with remote that I'm willing to give away. About two years ago, the digital board fried so that now only one digital output works. This is a great piece if 1) You have an RSP-1068 and need additional parts, 2) You don't mind...
  4. RussAmras

    Marantz SR5010 or SR7008

    I have a budget and am trying to get the best bang for the buck- I tried out an Onkyo RZ800, which I'm planning to return, solid unit, my ears just need something a little smoother and more geared to music- aka Marantz. Had a Rotel 1055 which I was replacing. With a $6-800 budget-- Do I go new...
  5. JohnKE

    Suggested replacement for an Onkyo PR-SC885 and Rotel amp??

    Hi everyone, I had an Onkyo PR-SC885 that was water damaged when a pipe burst and I'm now shopping for a replacement pre/pro and 5 channel amp. My HT is a not-fancy but dedicated room in the basement..the amps were a 5 channel and a 2 channel Rotel, the 5 channel was also damaged...