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  1. C

    HBO Max HBO Max now available on Roku

    I got HBO Max on a six-month discounted promotion a couple of weeks ago. There is a lot of content available there that I haven't seen before (although I'm going to lose my status as one who has never watched an episode of Game of Thrones), but the only way I could watch it on the home theater...
  2. ScottJH

    Roku dropping Fox apps

    https://www.cnet.com/news/super-bowl-2020-roku-drops-fox-apps-from-its-platform-days-before-the-big-game/ I got an email overnight/morning.
  3. Greg Lovern

    Roku TV: End credits go to small window

    I asked this on the Roku community forum but no response, so I thought I'd try here. On our Roku TV, when we reach the end credits of a streamed movie, sometimes it goes to a small window, and the rest of the screen becomes an promotion for some random other movie. When that happens, how do we...
  4. Sega

    TCL- Roku TV.

    I have a TCL-Roku 4K TV. Amazon Hulu going on it. With my Laser Disc & 4K DVD player. Yes I can still get Laser Disc movies. Just need to look good. And I also have a VHS player hooked up to it. Got 500 VHS tapes. Having a great time with it all.
  5. B

    A/V Setup Question Denon + Roku Ultra

    Hello, I have an older Denon AVR-1312 receiver that only supports 1080P over HDMI 1.4a. This is good enough for my cable TV service. The Denon is wired to all of my surround speakers and connected to my 4K Ultra HD Vizio TV. I also have a Roku Ultra 4k media streamer. Unfortunately if I...
  6. Peter M Fitzgerald

    Roku flicker problem on my Optoma projector

    I've had my Optoma projector for a couple of years now, with no other problems, but from Day 1, it's had a mildly-annoying signal flicker whenever I play streaming video from my Roku 3 device. The flashing/flicker is exactly like what is seen on this guy's YouTube video: I've gone into the...
  7. Albert71292

    Britbox Removed From Roku This Afternoon

    Britbox was removed from my list on the Roku this afternoon after an update, with a FBI warning saying "Roku has removed this unauthorized service due to repeated claims of copyright infringement." Britbox is NOT a piracy service. What gives??? EDIT: Never mind. The issue is fixed. It was a...
  8. Bryce_H

    roku woes

    Hello everyone. Hoping someone here can help. I have several issues with my current Roku's that I am struggling with. Set up is as follows: Path 1 is: AT&T Fiber at 1Gbps AT&T gateway Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-band Wireless Gigabit Router Roku Ultra connected via Cat6 with manually assigned IP Denon...
  9. Scott Hart

    Roku Has 38.9M Users, Leading the Industry of Connected TV’s

    Scott Hart Roku Has 38.9M Users, Leading the Industry of Connected TV’s Roku has around 38.9 million users, as of July 2017, which is more than Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, according to the latest report from eMarketer. The graph which eMarketer has created depicting the...
  10. Bob Cashill

    Filmstruck now on Roku devices and TVs.

    "Have you heard? FilmStruck, the exclusive streaming service home of the Criterion Collection, is now available on Roku devices and TVs. You can also watch it on Chromecast Ultra and second-generation Google Chromecast devices, fourth-generation Apple TV devices, Amazon Fire TV, and web, iOS...
  11. Scott Hart

    DirecTV Now Hits The Roku

    Scott Hart DirecTV Now Hits The Roku AT&T’s live TV service, DirecTV Now, has launched on another major platform, with its added support for Roku. However, the service itself has already lost momentum in terms of new subscribers – according to a recent Bloomberg report, DirecTV Now peaked...
  12. Scott Hart

    New Study From TCL Reveals 25 Most Popular APPS For The TV

    Scott Hart New Study From TCL Reveals 25 Most Popular APPS For The TV CORONA, CA – May 18, 2017 - TCL®, America’s fastest-growing television brand and leader in providing streaming content, today published the results of a new national survey* conducted by Ipsos on TV app usage, the...