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robert meyer burnett

  1. Scott D S

    Miscellaneous questions about DVD production

    Just a few questions (some are geekier than others): 1. Are studios required to at least consult DVD producers/documentarians if their work is used elsewhere or in another medium? For example, if/when Disney releases Tron on Blu-Ray, are they required to contact you or can they do whatever...
  2. stymie222

    Movie Soundtracks Not Compatible ?

    I know this question has been asked many times. Not only here but on several discussion groups. Could it be, that the movie soundtracks meant for theaters, are not compatible with "Home Theater" set ups ? Extremly low dialog and thunderous special effects are ruining my experience. My remote...
  3. FoxyMulder

    Fantasia Anthology Blu Ray Release

    I understand you worked on the original DVD editions and since there is a blu ray release penned in for December 2010 i was wondering if you could give a little more information with regards the uncut edition of Fantasia.   For years it seems snips have taken place and scenes with black...
  4. TheBat

    your favorite 5 dvd/blu rays that you have produced.

    Robert. what is your favorite doc from other dvd producers and why? what is the favorite of your own work? thank you. Jacob
  5. Scott D S

    Star Trek and The Suspects

    Welcome to the HTF! Just a couple of questions. I tried to make them interesting. 1. Will you be contributing to any future Star Trek DVD/Blu-Ray releases? Also, at the time I read that you worked with William Shatner on the Star Trek V SE DVD. Can you tell us about that? 2. During the...