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  1. Wes

    My new DIY front left and right towers.

    I had designed these over 10 years ago but put off building them so I finally built them to replace the DIY bookshelf on stands I had been using. Dayton 5 1/4 and 30 year old (but new in box) Radio Shack 1" Mylar dome tweeters. These drivers are a 100 percent match to all my other 7.1 theater...
  2. Peter Trent

    Center speaker, is it best to match your left and right?

    I have Vegas on each side of TV. I want to upgrade my Center speaker and surround speakers. Should I stay with Vegas, or just buy what's a good deal? These cubed Bose and rear 151s Being used for surround I am not happy with. Also should I wait to use the YPAO used to auto set your speaker...
  3. A

    Right AV receiver for Sony Shake 6D Speakers

    I have Sony Shake 6D : Specs : https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/support/audio-systems-shake-series/shake-6d/specifications User Manual : https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/support/res/manuals/4462/44628171M.pdf Problem is that the AV Receiver is busted and can't be repaired by Sony, now I...
  4. Dave H.

    Do I have this hooked up right?

    Hi folks, I have an older toshiba tv. It has hdmi outputs , when I want to see “on screen display”from receiver I have to change the tv imput to dvd! My question is do you still have to do that with a newer tv or receiver, or can you hook it up so for example when I want to setup receiver I just...
  5. RolandL

    Young Doctors 1961 on TCM right now with 1.33 AR, should be 1.85.

    I guess they are not always right.
  6. RolandL

    Anastasia on TCMHD right now

    On TCMHD right now. Definitely the HD version.
  7. Z

    Question from a new home theater setup

    Hi, I have the Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound system, but it doesn't allow me to independently configure right vs left channels. I can only configure the surround channels as one level. My problem is that my couch is next to a wall so my right surround speaker is basically touching the wall...