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    Announcing! The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 Crowdfunder

    Please Join Us In This Historic Preservation
  2. DeWilson

    ClassicFix Kickstarter to restore "The Little Rascals"!

    ClassicFlix is going to work From the Nitrates - they got the rights to all 80 of the Talkies. ClassicFlix "Little Rascals" Kickstarter
  3. dirwuf

    The Restored "Animal Crackers"...

    When Universal released the restored and uncut version of "Animal Crackers" in 2016 as part of the blu-ray Marx Brothers "Silver Screen Collection", I assumed this would be the version of the film we would see everywhere from then on, but it seems like this is being held exclusively for the...

    Help Support the Puppetoon Animation of George Pal on Blu-ray

    Coming! The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2! Your continued contributions are very much appreciated. Screen Credit for all Donors Details here: https://www.scifistation.com/puppetoon2.html In the 1930s and 1940s, long before Academy Award®-winning genius George Pal made classic features like The Time...
  5. Reload3D

    3D Petition to Restore and Release WB 3D Classic

    We have started a petition to have Warner Brothers work with the brilliant team at 3D Film Archive to restore and release their dozen-or-so 3D titles in their Library. Please sign the petition below. We are almost at two hundred signatures in just the first two days. If we can reach 1000...
  6. RMajidi

    International Oh...Rosalinda [The Archers’ film restoration coming to Blu]

    The UK Network label has announced the Aug 12 release of Powell and Pressburger’s CinemaScope movie, Oh...Rosalinda!! Having read some scathing reviews of this work, it’s not one I’ve particularly hankered after. However, Network’s claims of full-scale restoration from the original negatives...
  7. Mark Tay

    Shazam! (1974-77) gets restoration

    Warner/DC posted a video promoting the recent restoration of Shazam! (jump ahead to 4:23 in the video)... Makes me wonder if we'll be seeing a Blu-ray release sometime soon. Also, makes me wonder if it would be possible to restore the other live action shows from Filmation (all of which...
  8. Ed Lachmann

    War and Peace, a New Restoration

    Here's some really good news for the fans of Sergei Bondarchuk's War and Peace. The first article is from the New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/15/movies/war-and-peace-bondarchuk-lincoln-center.html) and the second is from our friends over at The Digital Bits...
  9. Traveling Matt

    Universal Launches Music Restoration Program, New Soundtrack Imprint

    Universal has embarked on a long-range plan to preserve and restore its unreleased movie music and, starting next week, release some of these scores as limited-edition soundtrack albums. The imprint will be called Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection, and its first release, to be...
  10. Jim*Tod

    SOUND OF MUSIC 4K restoration and 70mm reissue???

    Noticed that there is a new YouTube video with a trailer for a new 4K restoration of SOUND OF MUSIC and re-issue to theaters in 70mm. Not sure if this link will work, but this could mean a 4K disc and blu ray? I know many people here had issues with the existing blu ray. Anyone heard about...
  11. A

    The General (1927) 4K restoration from camera negative

    This new 4K digital restoration of The General (1927) looks incredible. I know the lenses and film emulsions from 20's wasn't very high in definition, but looking these screen captures could perhaps makes us wonder if could worth a 4K Blu Ray HDR...
  12. titch

    International Belle De Jour 50th Anniversary blu ray 4K restoration StudioCanal Region B

    I'm sure there are fans of this erotic masterpiece wondering whether the region B StudioCanal restoration is worth the plunge. I've just received my copy of StudioCanal's 4K restoration of Belle De Jour that was shown at Cannes this year. It's lovely - a comparison with the Criterion leaves the...
  13. Noach Kowalski

    The Apartment (1960) 4K restoration coming from Arrow

    NEW UK/US TITLE: The Apartment (Limited Edition Blu-ray) Wilder’s masterpiece now shines like never before in this all-new, 4K-restored edition Pre-order your copy in the UK: http://bit.ly/2ft1dlg Our North American pre-order links should be live soon! Release dates 11/12 December 2017 In...
  14. Ken Koc

    International Just purchased 4K restoration of JEAN DE FLORETTE/ MANON OF THE SPRING

    In Paris and I just bought the Pathe 4 K restoration of these 2 great film . Good news to report. The back of the blu ray lists Regions A B C. It also has English subtitles.
  15. S

    When Will New Ran Restoration Have a Region A Release ?

    Is there any news on when this new restoration of Ran from 2016 will be released on Region A ?
  16. Strohmaier

    Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich new restoration

    Kevin Collins submitted a new blog post Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich new restoration Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  17. TJPC

    King of Jazz

    After much excitement about the restoration of this 2 strip technicolor feature from 1930 and a flurry of showings at many movie festivals, in North America, there has been silence. Has anyone heard about a DVD or hopefully a Blu ray release? There seems to be a large amount of people who would...
  18. Noach Kowalski

    Night of the Living Dead (original) 4K restoration is coming

    http://www.ew.com/article/2016/10/19/night-living-dead-4k-restoration-world-premiere-moma EW can exclusively reveal that George Romero’s 1968 horror classicNight of the Living Dead has been digitally restored by New York’sMuseum of Modern Art and The Film Foundation. The 4K restoration will...
  19. Noach Kowalski

    The Old Dark House (1932) 4K restoration coming from Cohen

    The deal announcement comes as, in a major move for horror fans, the Cohen Media Group V.P. archivist Tim Lanza revealed at Lyon’s Lumière Festival that the Cohen Film Collection is working with Universal on the restoration of James Whale’s 1932 “The Old Dark House.” Written by J.B. Priestley...
  20. KPmusmag

    Little Mickey Grogan 1927 silent film restoration

    Little Mickey Grogan 1927 silent film restoration I have no affiliation with anyone involved in this, but I thought some might find interest. This is a local (for me) effort to restore a virtually lost silent film from 1927, which has only 1 print in existence in France. Donations are low, not...