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  1. OldGold360

    Repair or replace

    Hello, I am new here and seeking some advice from you all. I have an older projector, a Sony VPL-HS20, that we’ve had since new and we never really used it too much. Now that our kids are older, they’ve been bugging me about watching movies in the theatre more often. Over the weekend I turned it...
  2. K

    Trying to repair Sony STR-DA777ES PROTECTOR! error

    I received this receiver some years ago from a friend who said it had broke and he didn't want to try and fix it. It "might" have been damaged due to power issues during a storm, but I don't recall anymore the exact thing he said might have led up to the issue. I've had it sitting around the...
  3. A

    Speaker separating from its housing - Need advice

    Hi everyone! So I last posted about speaker placement. That’s since been done and I’m happy with it so far, outside of shorting the left surround about 2 feet so that length of cord will forever eat at me, but not enough to drop another $30 on more speaker wire! Anyway, the other issue I have...