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recommendations needed

  1. N

    I need some suggestions.

    Hey there! Before I start please excuse my english, on to the post. I have been looking for a home theater system since buying a new tv. I have a small living room but, it doesnt matter how strong or big the speakers are. I have a bugget of a 1000 euro's, i'd prefer if it would stay under...
  2. Robert Francis

    My Pre/Pro crapped out

    My Integra 9.8 has finally bitten the dust. Any thoughts on a replacement in the $1,000 range? I'm sure there's a thread here addressing the issue but I didn't find it. I have a Sunfire Cinema Grand amp, Paradigm Reference speakers and an M&K V-125 sub, Sharp Aquos 60". All are old (except...
  3. P

    Replacement for Yamaha RX-V 2600

    The sound is cutting out on multiple channels on my cbl/sat input. I would appreciate any recommendations for new receiver. (Yamaha, Denon, Marantz or others) thank you
  4. Josh Steinberg

    Recommendations wanted for a vintage half hour western

    Kevin Collins submitted a new blog post Recommendations wanted for a vintage half hour western Continue reading the Original Blog Post.