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  1. D

    Do any AV receivers have wireless volume knob remote controls?

    I know of a few speakers that come with wireless knobs for volume control, Senic Nuimo (for Sonos), and Devialet make them. But is there any for home theaters, eiher for the receivers or for ho e thester software (Kodi or Plex)? Would this be useful or just a hassle?
  2. R

    Per Channel Watts Specs for Home Theater Receivers

    Here is something I have always wondered about the RMS Watts spec of a home theater receiver. Any time you view a spec (of any brand) of a multi channel receiver (let's say 7 channels), it is always written in this format: "140 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at .08% THD, with 2...
  3. P

    Older Denon Receivers

    I am brand new to this forum and am hoping someone with older Denons can help me out. I just purchased a avr-65 and a avr-683. Can anyone tell me which one is the best to use? Thanks in advance, Paul
  4. J

    Earc feature on receivers

    I'm looking to buy a 4k receiver, and I was wondering if I should buy one with Earc ? From what I've read it seems like an important feature to have for the future. Do you guys agree ?
  5. greggor

    Is it just me or are there not any new THX certified receivers?

    Just an observation. I've been browsing new receivers just to see what's available and I'm noticing that the high end models don't seem to be THX certified. I'm not really in the market right now but it appears that becoming THX certified is less important to the manufacturers as it used to be...
  6. Dave1

    Yamaha 2018 Receivers with Alexa

    I would like to know if there is anybody using Amazon Alexa to operate any of the new new 2018 Yamaha receivers.?
  7. R

    Disappearing Digital Audio Inputs on Receivers

    I have a Pioneer receiver with two optical and two digital coaxial audio inputs. I need to replace the receiver, but it appears most audio receivers now only have one of each. Unfortunately I have a couple of devices that only have optical outputs and need to use two digital coaxial. So I'm...
  8. N

    Advice on Amps / receivers please

    We have a Marantz 5.1 amp about 9 years old and it has started playing up I posted an earlier thread about the loud crackling / popping noise it was making for the first 30-60 seconds when first turned on. Anyway I have disconnected the TV / DVD from the amp so the amp doesn’t get used. I...
  9. WinstonCely

    Comparing two Onkyo AV receivers

    I'm comparing the TX-RZ610 to the TX-NR777. There are two differences I'm concerned about; the first, and there's no clickable link for me to find information via the Crutchfield website, for the HDMI to HDMI Upconversion. What exactly is this? Does it really matter when I plan on having my...
  10. J

    Need a receiver. I would prefer the $300-$500ish range

    I'm looking for a receiver and don't know what people recommend. I would like to setup a 5.1 stereo with Polk RTiA's and my biggest concern is power. My issue is I don't have a 4k TV and have no intentions of buying one in the immediate future so I don't want to pay big money for one with that...
  11. Robert Crawford

    2017 Yamaha Receivers

    New HTF article on 2017 Yamaha Receivers. I'm upgrading my receiver this year so I'll be interested in the 3070 model. https://www.hometheaterforum.com/yamaha-aventage-rx-70-series-leads-industry-vibrant-hdr-technologies-tidal-deezer-support/
  12. playunknownbattle

    [help]Onkyo TX-NR555 vs Sony STR-DH770

    Hello, I just begin to buy home theater speakers. I bought a pair of polk rti a9 tower speakers(500ww) and am going to buy a center speaker as well. Anyway, I gotta choose between Onkyo TX-NR555 & Sony STR-DH770. But I really dont know what to choose for receiver. Both receiver are pretty much...
  13. T

    Help setting up receivers

    Hi guys was hoping for a bit of help setting up a few of my receivers, im in the middle a gut and reno on an acreage i purchased and designing a home theatre/ setup up stairs using my existing equipment. Long story shory i have three amps 1988 Kenwood kr v87r, i soldered in dip sockets and 0.1...
  14. K

    AV-Receiver Problem

    Hi, I bought a AV receiver(Pioneer VSX-323-k) with 5.1 sound system. I have connected the speakers. I don't have any televison and I want to use it with my laptop and monitor. I'm connecting my laptop with HDMI cable and the monitor with audio cable. But for some reason I'm not getting sound...
  15. M

    Pioneer SC-1228-K Zone 2 digital audio

    Hi I'm looking for some help regarding multi-room configuration please. I have a Pioneer sc-1228-k AV Receiver with a 5.1 speaker setup in the main zone and 2.0 in zone 2. The zone 2 speakers are connected via the zone 2 speaker terminals. I'm able to output te tuner to the zone 2 speakers...
  16. Mason10823

    3 TVs separate/same HDMI Input Ideas?

    so I have 3 "Video Displays", A projector and two televisions all have an HDMI input. I have a cable box, DVD player, Apple TV, and Sonos connect as Inputs. I need a way to run different video streams from the receiver to the "Video Displays" without spending more than $1000. This is tricky...
  17. Chevy_Monsenhor

    Sansui G3000 and G3500, is there a lot of difference between the two?

    Hey guys, i'm new here in the forum and i'm just starting to get involved with proper audio equipment. I've been looking around the online classifieds, trying to find a good classic receiver to start my build. A seller got these two models, the Sansui G3000 and the Sansui G3500, the first costs...