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  1. Sooshi

    Rear Surround not working

    Denon AVR-S730H 7.2 is the receiver in question. I set it up a couple of weeks ago, but only had the 2 front channels and the center channel. The two rears were wired into our crawl space and I wanted to prod around and see where everything went before I set up the rears. The front 3 work...
  2. R

    Want to replace Energy Connoisseurs CC10 and CB20

    The story is thus, I have had 2 Energy RC70's that I really like - my rears and center are connoisseur series and cant keep up. I've been looking for an energy rc-lrc, and rc-10(or rc-r's) with no success. Ive started toying with the idea on upgrading starting with the centers and rears? I...