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  1. B

    wireless rear speakers

    Hi all, new here to the forum and new to Home theatre. I'm an old dude, 68 but willing to enter the 21st century. here is my question...First I will list my equipment. Samsung QN65Q8fn TV Samsung HW-N850 Soundbar Samsung UBD-M9500 UHD DVD player I LOVE this set up, had a few teething problems...
  2. pfar

    Rear speakers - bluetooth or other option?

    Hi all. Due to my living situation the last couple of years I have only been running two tower speakers and a center channel. The room isn't ideal for side and rear speakers, mainly due to wiring. I am highly considering an alternative to a traditional wire based speaker for my rear speakers...
  3. Howardsternisbatman

    Gone 4K: Need wireless rear speakers

    Greetings, Recently I upgraded my TV to 4K. It sits in a room that is not going to allow for rear speaker wires to be run, it just isn't. I am starting from scratch, no receiver, no speakers. I plan to pick-up a Blu-ray 4K player. Here is the question or ask for suggestions on where to start...
  4. TBSWV

    Best home theater system with wireless rear speakers??

    Hello all: Could anyone provide me with advice about buying a home theater system with wireless rear speakers? I am looking for one for under$600.00 or so with at least 4 hdmi inputs and a digital optical audio out. Thanks in advance for all replies!
  5. DaleI

    Rear Speakers and Sub not working in 5.1 System

    I cant get any sound from my rear speakers or sub in my 5.1 system. I have a Samsung 75mu8000 TV. Only the 3 front speakers work. The rear surround speakers and sub are configured correctly. I tried the setup mike that came with the Denon receiver and each channel plays. But when I play one of...
  6. R

    Cant get my center or rear speakers working

    So, i have a RX-60128v JVC Receiver and i have two front speakers already plugged in and they work fine, but i have tried to plug in a center one and rear ones and they dont output any audio, its still all coming from my front two speakers, surround is on on the receiver, and i have tried...
  7. J

    Where to mount rear speakers in 5.1

    We're finishing a 32x28 basement area that will have a 40" TV in one corner. I know it's not the ideal AV setup but it will be a huge step up from what we're used to. I'd like to try a minimal 5.1 system. My question is how to place the rear speakers. I can mount them in the floor joist bays...
  8. ejc

    Need help with Definitive Technology Mythos XTR-SSA5 sound Bar

    Last spring in an effort to keep the other half happy as we redecorated our living room I decided to redo the A/V system in our living room and try to make it less intrusive. The system I configured was: Yamaha RX-S600 5.1 receiver (1/2 height) 70" Sharp Aquos LC70TQ15U Samsung Blu-Ray BD-D5700...