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  1. W

    International The Outcasts, Matt Helm, The Quest, The Iron Horse

    Just to let you know that these classic shows are now available or will soon be available courtesy of Elephant Films in France. The audio is English. Picture quality is really good
  2. Ronald Epstein

    Talk me into the Oculus Quest

    Right now the Oculus Quest 64GB is $399 Hoping it goes on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday but there are no guarantees. I already own the Playstation Plus VR. Played some games. Honestly, I became a little bored with it, but probably because it was a combination of all the wires and the...
  3. Adam Gregorich

    Win a Galaxy Quest 20th Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray Steelbook

    We have two copies of the new 20th Anniversary Galaxy Quest Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray Steelbook to give away to HTF members: By Grabthar’s hammer, the intrepid crew of the NSEA Protector is back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the uproarious classic GALAXY QUEST, arriving in our...
  4. V

    Oculus Quest HMD for 3D Cinema Experiences

    Greetings All, I recently picked up an Oculus Quest and have found incredible value in this wireless HMD (Head-Mounted Display) as a 3D virtual cinema. Having ripped a couple Blu-Ray's, the free SkyBox app coupled with its AirScreen desktop program allows to wirelessly stream local media to...