1. W

    International The Outcasts, Matt Helm, The Quest, The Iron Horse

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  2. Ronald Epstein

    Talk me into the Oculus Quest

    Right now the Oculus Quest 64GB is $399 Hoping it goes on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday but there are no guarantees. I already own the Playstation Plus VR. Played some games. Honestly, I became a little bored with it, but probably because it was a combination of all the wires and the...
  3. Adam Gregorich

    Win a Galaxy Quest 20th Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray Steelbook

    We have two copies of the new 20th Anniversary Galaxy Quest Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray Steelbook to give away to HTF members: By Grabthar’s hammer, the intrepid crew of the NSEA Protector is back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the uproarious classic GALAXY QUEST, arriving in our...
  4. V

    Oculus Quest HMD for 3D Cinema Experiences

    Greetings All, I recently picked up an Oculus Quest and have found incredible value in this wireless HMD (Head-Mounted Display) as a 3D virtual cinema. Having ripped a couple Blu-Ray's, the free SkyBox app coupled with its AirScreen desktop program allows to wirelessly stream local media to...