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  1. Sansui 2000X

    Receiver for 4K QLED TV

    I’m going to get a new TV, I’m looking at the Samsong 4K Q led with 2.1 HDMI ports. My Currant receiver is a Sony STR DN860. Can I use this receiver, or would it be best to upgrade to a new more modern receiver? I’m really not familiar with all the modern technology, I’m pretty much old school...
  2. J

    eARC on 2018 QLED Displays

    Does anyone have any insider info on Samsung's intent to do a firmware update on 2018 QLED displays to upgrade the ARC ports to eARC?
  3. billwhitt

    8k QLED and Sonance Theater Project

    Been a long time since I have done a home theater. Looking for opinions on this set up. Samsung QLED Q900 75" 8k TV OR maybe a BENQ-HT9060 paired with a Dragonfly Thinline™ Fixed Ultra AcoustiWeave Projection Screen - 92" L/R Sonance Reference Series Speakers R1, Maybe R2 Center - SB46-75...
  4. Edwin-S

    LG finally caved. Go with QLED or another LG OLED?

    LG finally agreed to give me a credit for my defective #G9600 thanks to a lot of arguing by the people I bought my LG set from. They have given me a credit to replace the set. Problem is is that I would have to replace my EG9600 with a 2017 model, none of which have 3D capability. I have 3...
  5. Thecrowandsting

    Help With Home Theater

    I have a mitsubishi WD-82738 82'' 3D rear projection tv I want to upgrade. I would like to get something for the new 4k ultra hd but I also want 3d. The tv I have now is active shutter 3d. Was thinking of going with passive 3d. I'm having trouble deciding on which to go with an oled or home...