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  1. John Dirk

    Pre-Calibrated Projectors - Feasible???

    I've heard from many of our resident experts here over the years and the feedback is unanimous. "To get the best out of any projector, a professional calibration is required." For those of us with existing projectors, that often means asking a certified calibrator to travel to our location, a...
  2. ando1brett

    Screens & Projectors - Spend or Save?

    I'm working on a basement entertainment room that includes a 135" screen. One option being pushed by my consultant is the Screen Innovations 5 Motorized Slate 1.2 ALR ($6k) with the Sony projector VPL-VW295ES ($5k). I'm guessing that will look amazing, but my wallet will hurt a little...
  3. RolandL

    Comparison of three 3D projectors $899 and less

    If you have only $900 or less, these three 3D projectors are a good choice.
  4. C

    Best gaming projectors

    Hi I love to play games and spend most of my free time in gaming studios. Now I have plan to convert my room into gaming studio / Home Theater to enjoy amazing entertainment experience at home. The only problem I am facing is I did not know which gaming/Movie projector I should choose. Please...
  5. Robert_Zohn

    Sony shows three new 3D UHD projectors at CEDIA

    Just a few moments ago Sony electronics posted these press releases: - New laser light VPL-VW885ES SRP $24,999 launching by end of November 2017 - VPL-VW285ES and VPL-VW385ES. Sony's new entry level 4K projector will retail for sub $5k and the step-up VPL-VW385ES SRP, $7,999 with a nice...