projector screen

  1. Fraschumi

    New HT project in the gym

    Hi, I have built a small gym in my apartment and I would like to add some AV to it. I have the following constraints: only one wall available for the screen (about 2x3m or 6.5x10 feet available surface) limited budget for the whole project (about 1k) the kids play in the room (sometimes also...
  2. Wookie Groomer

    How I blackened my home theater with velvet, evolving from common mancave into a batcave!

    The latest video showcasing my mindset on what I originally wanted to do with my home theater plans vs what I had to do to honor the film-makers vision using triple black velvet!
  3. CaseyJamea

    Help with 15' bungee attached removable rear projection screen [PICS]

    Hola, Two left feet in need of carpentry expertise. Installing a removable screen for rear projection between two pillars (either side) - near as possible to floor/ceiling, without touching - grommets/bungee/eye_hooks on top and sides, but not bottom - lip, visible in the pics, on either side...
  4. A

    Need help picking a projector screen

    Hi. After doing some research I bought an Epson 2250 projector. I am going to figure out exactly what size screen I can get but I am guessing about 120 inches based on the distance. It is in my basement and in a section that has no windows and very little ambient light for the most part. My...
  5. Defiance

    Advice Needed - Screen Size

    I have a room that is going to be used for a home theater and I am trying to figure out what size and aspect ratio the screen should be. The projector would likely be an Epson 6050 The wall is 150" wide, and I using a pair of Focal Sopra No2 speakers for the LR and a Sopra Center. I figure...
  6. Lake

    New to this with projector screen questions!

    Hi there. I am finishing my basement and want an area that will serve both as a dedicated theater as well as be open to the rest of the basement for sports viewing. I know, this is impossible, but I think I have at least a reasonable solution using theater curtains on the two open walls when I...
  7. J

    motorised projector screen 100" 16:9

    Hi I am going to buy a motorised projector screen (16:9) 100". I have seen the Luxburg one ( but there are not many...
  8. T

    Fixed projector screen on tv mount

    Hey guys, i have a large basement window that is preventing me from mounting a fixed screen. I can get a tv mount that slides up and down, use a sheet of 1/4" plywood behind the projector screen and attach it to this. This way when im going to watch the projector i can simply slide the screen up...
  9. terreythompson

    Hi There! Newbie here...

    Hey, I'm Terrey Thompson. I just joined this forum to learn more about audio video equipments and I should consider buying. :)
  10. Ken52

    What kind of projector screen

    I just purchased an Epson 5040ub (2500 lumens and 1,000,000 contrast ratio) Screen to projector is 15 feet and screen to seating is 14 feet. Screen is going to be 100 inches. The room is a dedicated black room. Question: What screen to buy? I am assuming a gain of 1.0 or less right? Grey...
  11. R

    Wireless audio and video

    Hey, I've tried to find a simple answer to this but couldn't. I have a home theatre projector on one wall, and the stereo and projector screen on the adjacent wall. The media PC is behind the wall in my study - so running cables isn't very viable. The question is how to hook them all up...
  12. S

    Painting wall behind screen

    Hi All, Just signed up today after spending a couple days perusing the topics. I am setting up a projector in my basement (8 feet ceilings) with a fixed frame screen going up on the wall. Projector i have narrowed down to is the Epson Powerlite 3700 or the Sony VPLHW40ES, both with a good...
  13. mag1

    Panasonic PT-AE4000 for sale

    Great home theater projector in excellent condition for $200. Current lamp has less than 200 hours. I will also include a replacement lamp original from Panasonic. I will include the ceiling mount for free. I also have a 120" screen that was used with the projector. I will add the screen for...