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    Mini PC processor minimums for HTPC

    Scrapping my huge HTPC and want to start fresh with a Mini PC (one of those 6" square jobs). Looking for a recommendation as to a minimum processor with onboard graphics that will play 4K video with no problems. My only program requirements are Win 7 or 10, with a file manager, browser, Media...
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    Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242 - For Sale

    Selling my Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242, the unit has 1x 9G input card, 1x 18G input card, 1x 9G output card. 4x HDMI inputs, 2x HDMI outputs, too many inputs for my needs, seeking to exchange into a 4240. The unit is in very good condition, shipped with a complete set of accessories, including a...