1. rick3r

    Few problems with a NAD T775HD receiver, pick one and provide your thoughts please :)

    Hello community, I just have received a receiver that I bought. Model is NAD T775HD, which had upgraded its audio board by a AM230 Digital Audio Board, and its video board by a VM300 Digital Video board. I have few problems, so if you can help with one of those, many thanks and kudos ! Most of...
  2. I

    InFocus IN76 Projector Problems *Video Attached

    My InFocus IN76 is having a problem. Here is a link to the video on Youtube. I click the button to turn it on, the fans spin up, the color wheel spins up and the light turns on. The problem is the light is dim and it shows a clear screen, not a blue or white projected screen, but clear, like...
  3. M

    Problems playing the import 3D of Dante's THE HOLE

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask if anyone else had problems getting the Eone U.K. disk of Joe Dante's THE HOLE to actually play the 3D program. I had heard the film had some very effective 3D moments and purchased this U.K. disk off eBay for a reasonable price. Having a Panasonic...
  4. J

    International German "Roman Empire" problems

    No its not about the image quality-more about defective discs of The Fall of the Roman Empire to give it its full title. Tony Mann's fine lavish intelligent epic and unfortunate flop. I just tried to load my copy and my Oppo refused to do so. Got two friends of mine to check their copies-one...
  5. A

    Onkyo HT-S3900 problems

    Sometimes when i watch an action scene on loud volume, the center speaker keeps turning down on me. Like... it doesn't mute. But it keeps doing that. Any fix please?
  6. T

    Denon AVR x 4300 audio decoder switching problems

    I have a Denon 4300 connected to a Trek tuner TUNVR1 connected by HDMI. The tuner says it is putting out Dolby digital. The input on the Denon is set for an HDMI only input (no other audio source is listed as connected). The on screen info from the Denon shows the input info pcm stereo. How do...
  7. F

    Problems with playback with Amazon Prime Video

    I use a Blue Ray player to play movies on Amazon Prime. I have frequent problems with the movie stopping. My dl speed is 12 Mbps. I use an Ethernet cable from my router directly to my blue ray player. And I have wifi turned off. Any ideas?
  8. Wayne_j

    James Cameron blames post conversion for 3D's problems "However, 3D’s popularity is starting to slip. IMAX theaters have begun dropping 3D screens, and reports show a dramatic decline in 3D box office sales. Most of us would breathe a sigh of relief at the downfall of the 3D trend...
  9. I

    InFocus IN76 Projector Problems

    My InFocus IN76 is having a problem. I have a video attached of the problem. I click the button to turn it on and the fans spin up and also the color wheel spins up, but after 5-8 seconds the wheel turns off. Twenty seconds later the color wheel spins ups and turns off again. After I placed...
  10. TJPC

    e-mail problems

    hi. Suddenly yesterday, I am not receiving e-mail notifications. I usually get many per day. Today and yesterday — nothing. Have I changed the settings or something? [email protected]
  11. W

    Help! Bad Pixelization Problems on LG OLED

    Need some expert advice here. In the summer I bought a 65" LG Curved OLED. Over time I noticed Pixelization issues. I thought maybe some of it had to do with lousy source material over an interlaced cable box signal. I didn't see much issue with BDs or UHD until a day or two ago when I watched...
  12. Ted Todorov

    Problems with ARC on 2017 LG OLED

    I was very happy that the my new LG OLED55C7P has 5.1 output via its ARC, or Audio Return Channel TOSlink output. Sounds great, in perfect sync, etc. But the last few days it has been cutting off sound altogether for any 5.1 material, be it streaming (HBO, Netflix, etc via AppleTV) or TiVo, or...
  13. I

    Optoma HD70 clicking problems (Video)

    I just got a used Optima HD70 that was working great until last night. It shut down correctly. This morning I turned it on again and the orange LED lights flash and the power light stays green but no fan turns on, no light turns on and all I can hear is a slight clicking sound inside the case...
  14. Jesse Skeen

    Problems with Marantz SR7011

    I just got this amazing receiver yesterday; I actually ordered the 7010 but the Amazon seller had ran out of that model so they sent me this one with no additional charge, it normally would have been WAY out of my price range! However after spending all day yesterday setting it up, I can't sit...
  15. KeithDA

    'The Revenant' Blu Ray disc problems...

    I have a Sony BDP-S373 and it would not play this disc properly. It loaded up OK, but then 'stuttered' in both sound and vision once the film started. I skipped forward and it did the same there. Ejecting, shutting down, trying another disc (which worked perfectly) did not remedy the...
  16. W

    Problems accessing setting menu on HTPC

    Hi I have a BASE HTPC from a now defunct Irish brand called DF Solutions. it;s hardwired into my NAS drive. Last week the windows o/s seemed to install an update and now when the machine is turned on it dipalys the following error messge: 16 bit ms_dos subsystem The NTVDM CPU has encountered an...
  17. ghadden

    HDMI to VGA adaptor problems

    Hi all. I have a Hitachi projector, probably about 8 years old, with the VGA input all set up. I've been watching videos from my Mac laptop for years, with a thunderbolt to VGA adapter. I want to run a HDMI to VGA adaptor from my cable box into the projector. Bought one, made by Vivanco. Hooked...
  18. Nevarthur

    Problems setting up AV Receiver - Me or it?

    Hi everybody, I bought a Pioneer VSX 930 recently, and have had hours of frustration, and few hours of great sound, ever since. Pointless telling you about my early set up attempts as they didn't go well, a bit of a learning curve encountered I think. I have never managed to get sound from my...
  19. Tralis

    Onkyo TX-SR805 Memory Loss Issue

    I have had my Onyko TX-SR805 since 2008 and it is one of my most beloved possessions. Over the years it's developed a few quirks, like changing to Pure Audio mode when the physical power button is hit instead of turning off (thankfully if commanded by remote it shuts down perfectly). None of...