1. Johnny Angell

    Problem with Amazon Prime Streaming

    This has started to happen often. I start a program that is in HD or HDR and it starts in a mode that is clearly not even HD. I back out of the program, start from the beginning and it's in the correct resolution. Anyone else having this problem? I'm streaming with my LG 65UH8500.
  2. X

    Popping/Farting Active Subwoofer Problem

    Hello, i currently own a Cerwin Vega LW-12X active subwoofer. i bought it 2nd hand knowing there was a problem with it but wanting to know if it's an easy fix or best sending it in for repair. the problem must be within the amp as i've tried connecting the woofer ot a seperate amp in the same...
  3. P

    Help : LG 42LD450 and Vizio S3851x problem

    Hi everyone, I'm really new in term of pimping my TV setup, except for the fact that I have a hdmi splitter and a laptop connected to stream stuff to my TV.. I decided to go with a soundbar + subwoofer + 2x satellite speakers with this Vizio s3851x kit. I mounted everything and did a clean...
  4. Clinton McClure

    A problem occurred with this webpage

    This morning I have been seeing quite a few random page reloads with the error message: "A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded". It sometimes occurs as the page is loading but usually while I'm typing a thread post, causing me to have to go back to the thread. Luckily the auto...
  5. justcrash

    Problem with Samsung HW-K850 soundbar, please help

    Hello all! I miss hoping someone could help me out. We have a sharp Lc-50lb261u TV. We recently mounted it over the fireplace and I thought we would improve the sound. Went to Best Buy looking to spend around $300 but the sales guy directed us to the Samsung HW-K850 and it sounded awesome. It...
  6. vote4pedro

    Problem with my receiver

    I can't get any sound out of my receiver. It's a five-year-old Onkyo HT-RC360. I've tried every possible input. There's not even static on the FM tuner. The picture passes through fine. Just the audio is out. It started doing this a couple weeks ago. At first, I could turn it off, unplug it...
  7. A

    Problem with brand new Pioneer FS-52 floor speakers

    I recently bought a pair of these speakers as they were rated one of the best in their price range (I paid $166 new off Ebay). I've been watching movies on both Blu Ray and DVD as well as playing CD's. But last week, one of the speakers started to buzz whenever the lower bass notes sounded. I...
  8. K

    AV-Receiver Problem

    Hi, I bought a AV receiver(Pioneer VSX-323-k) with 5.1 sound system. I have connected the speakers. I don't have any televison and I want to use it with my laptop and monitor. I'm connecting my laptop with HDMI cable and the monitor with audio cable. But for some reason I'm not getting sound...
  9. greggor

    Problem with projector lens/light reflection on projector screen.

    As the topic title states I'm seeing the reflection of my projector lens light bulb on my my projector screen. The projector is an Epson 5030 and my screen is A 110" Elite series screen in white. I've tried a few things such as turning down the lumens and the brightness on the projector but...
  10. P

    Problem only have surround sound on Blue ray

    Hi i have a Panasonic SA BT730 Home Theatre and a Toshiba 55G300U TV All connections are hooked up correctly,and is set up using HDMI, (the Blue ray home theartre remote VIERA and the TV remote is on the REGZA control. Can only get surround sound when blue ray is playing and not on tv Android...
  11. Nriq

    Problem w/ surround speakers on my Onkyo ht-r391

    I was watching a movie and suddenly the surround speakers started sounding so more loudly than the front speakers and the noise was so loud that it was distorting, then changed the movie, thinking that was maybe the problem, but it all continued the same and when making the sound tests the front...
  12. Jim*Tod

    Blu Tooth problem with Mazda 3

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic, but anyway... I have a 2010 Mazda3. I use my ipod to play music in the car. I have never been able to get the ipod and the car to synch for playback, so I used a cord connection via the AUX input. This worked fine for years. However...
  13. Johnny Angell

    Problem with Alerts Dropdown

    I have an iMac and the trackpad. I move the cursor up to the bell icon and half the time the list drops down and then disappears. The other half the list doesn't drop down. I back off the cursor and try a second time and it usually works. Is this an issue with the trackpad?
  14. disctrip

    Is there a problem with criterion's "carnival of souls"?

    Amazon has it listed on their site as: Item Under Review This item is currently unavailable because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!) We're working to fix the...
  15. G

    DLP Projector Model HC3000 problem turning on

    My HC3000 Mitsubishi Projector won't turn on until I hit the on button like 5-7 times and then it will finally turn on and stays on. Does anyone have any idea what may be the problem? I didn't know if I should buy a new bulb and see if that does anything or if it may be something else? I...
  16. SgtSaurus

    JVC TH-G41 Audio Problem

    I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, but I'll still list my problem. I have a JVC TH-G41 hooked up to my XBox One through optical and no matter what I do to reset it it will work for about thirty minutes then start blaring static. I can change inputs, but after replugging the TOSLINK in...
  17. Johnny Angell

    Odd iMessage Problem

    I'm sitting at my iMac texting my wife's iPhone. She's getting what I send and I get her replies only on my iPhone, but not on the Mac. I had been receiving her texts on the Mac just fine, until today. Any ideas why this is happening?
  18. E

    Telecom Expenses Problem

    Hi guys! My friend is looking for a software that can manage telecom expenses in her office. Do you know a good one you can share with me? Thanks!
  19. B

    Sony xbr75x910 3D glasses pairing problem

    Purchased last November, all was well with the tv until an update was added a while ago. Now there is a problem with glasses pairing. Once in a while things works properly....but very seldom. This is what i have to do now: 1. Turn turn set up on. i use Logitech. (amp, tv, disc player) 2...
  20. flycaster

    Is the problem with the sub or the AVR or both?

    I have the Yamaha rxv-800 (to download manual: and am using a Paradigm PD-8. We recently had a thunder/lightening storm that fried the board within our security panel, and also may have done something to either the sub or the AVR. For the...
  21. uVSthem

    Onkyo TX-NR747 - no rear channels with PCM 4.0 playback?

    I am having an unusual issue with my TX-NR747. Anytime I send a 4.0 PCM audio signal to the Onkyo there is no sound coming from the rear channels. It's only with PCM 4.0 that I have no rear channels. If I play 5.1, 7.1 they all work fine. The TX-NR747 isn't down mixing the rear channels of the...