1. P

    Sitcoms Online Log-in Problem

    Is anyone who is on that site having problems logging in or even reaching the administrator about it? The site keeps rejecting my login attempts and their administrator won't answer me back either.Im frustrated and don't know what's going on.
  2. S

    Amazon Prime Has Anyone Had This Technical Problem with Amazon Streaming

    I ordered several Bond 4k films and all work but with From Russia with Love , I get the sound but a snowy video image (basically no picture). I uninstalled and reinstalled the Prime app but it didn't help - has anyone else come across this and were you able to fix it and how did you do it ?
  3. Jim*Tod

    Problem with Sony XBR55A9G

    Back in November I bought a XBR55A9G from Best Buy. It has been a remarkable set and the image and sound quality are great. However tonight I noticed a vertical line which I assume may be some failing pixels. It is mostly noticeable when the screen has a dark image. At first I though maybe...
  4. W

    Surround problem in Marantz SR7007 Receiver

    Hello. I own this Marantz which I purchased new in 2013 and have had very little trouble since then; however, that all changed a few days ago when I noticed that my left surround speaker (channel) had dropped way low in volume. So I ran the Audyssey program again, after doing a receiver...
  5. Robert McNay

    Ford v Ferrari BluRay Problem

    Hello, My first post here and its unfortunately about a problem. I bought the basic BluRay version of the movie "Ford v Ferrari" yesterday. I popped it into my LG BluRay player today to watch it. The disc read seemingly okay, it started and the 20th Century Fox logo and music played, then the...
  6. U

    Shampoo--Blu-ray Aspect Ratio Question

    I had been waiting for the Shampoo blu-ray for many years and finally found and purchased it. I am having a problem that I hope is the result of my error and am posting here to see if anyone can help… While watching the first scene with Goldie Hawn it became very clear that I was viewing a...
  7. Johnny Angell

    Problem with my Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard

    It’s a two part device. The keyboard that magnetically attaches to my iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen. Then there’s a back the iPad snaps into and that is the problem. It has been dropped (actually kitten dropped) and both bottom corners of the case have snapped off. That makes it a very lose fit and...
  8. Johnny Angell

    Typing on HTF Problem?

    I’ll be typing a reply in the text box and all of a sudden, focus is taken away from the text box and I can’t type till I reestablish focus with my finger. This has happened often enough so that I know I’m not fumble fingering. It has happened while typing this post. I am suspecting ads on...
  9. J

    Problem with my Sony S6700 Blu-ray player

    I moved it to another room, and now it won't hook up to the internet. I use a wired ethernet connection. I tried it a few times and I also unplugged it to reboot it. Does anyone have any advice ? Thanks.
  10. Dave_QP

    Problem with LG OLED55E6V Picture

    HI All I'm having a problem with a lighter bar top and sides of my LG OLED55E6V picture, it can't be seen all the time, is this something the picture cleaning will fix or do I need to go see the shop I bought it from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks Dave
  11. K

    Problem With projector hitachi cp 3011x

    Dear, have a video projector that I have used for about 40 hours. But I didn t use it for years after that. When I used it again many years after letting it in its case, few minutes after turning on, it give some Kind of purple patchs. I publish a link to youtube to let you see how it looks. If...
  12. 1German1padilla1

    Hi I'm having a problem with my Mitsubishi tv WD 73837

    I'm having a problem with my Mitsubishi tv WD 73837, when I turn it on the welcome screen comes on then it turns off then the red light start blinking and it won't let me turn it back on. I was told it was the power supply and I went ahead and replaced it, it has a new lamp but problem still...
  13. Bruce Morrison

    Problem with Panasonic TV not recognising an HDMI input source

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my TV not recognising the availability of an HDMI-connected source input. My setup is as follows: Panasonic 4K player (I have just acquired this) Sony multi-region Blu-ray player Denon receiver Panasonic 4K OLED TV The TV has two HDMI inputs. The receiver...
  14. PODER


    Let me start by saying I'm quite probably posting this in the wrong place. If so, could someone tell me where to go? (No, not that answer. Where to go in this Forum!) So ... I have a Samsung BD-J5100, purchased in 2017. Of late, Region 2 Blu-Rays purchased thru Amazon U.K. refuse to play. The...
  15. jagman653

    Unreliable stream problem

    I'm finding it very difficult to impossible to watch an Amazon Prime movie. Takes forever to get going, to the point that I just give up. My Spectrum cable service shows 450 Mbps download, but when my Sony Blueray does the initializing connection speed test it shows 12.5 Mpbs. Is that the best...
  16. Bruce Morrison

    Problem with Denon receiver shutting off

    I've had a very strange problem with my Denon AVR-X4100WE2 receiver. When I play my US Blu-ray of 'The Favourite', the receiver is shutting itself off at 50' 41" into the movie at the point when there is a loud gunshot on the soundtrack. The volume is set to 68 dB, which is my usual volume...
  17. Johnny Angell

    Odd Browser Behavior on HTF

    I don't like to have my browser (safari) window(s) spanning the width of my screen. Lately when I open a post the text is not word-wrapping and goes off the screen on the right. I expand the window to see the text and it word-wraps to fit the expanded window. Just now I did that and after a...
  18. Peter M Fitzgerald

    Roku flicker problem on my Optoma projector

    I've had my Optoma projector for a couple of years now, with no other problems, but from Day 1, it's had a mildly-annoying signal flicker whenever I play streaming video from my Roku 3 device. The flashing/flicker is exactly like what is seen on this guy's YouTube video: I've gone into the...
  19. A

    Weak Audio problem

    The setup is a Yamaha RX-A2010 AV receiver (7 x 140 watts), Tivo Roamio Plus, Samsung 8550 (65" 4K), 5 Martin Logan Speakers (SL3, Motion 15, Motion 30) and a Monster sub. HDMI is being used to connect the Tivo to the Yamaha. The problem is that watching movies on the Tivo requires the Yamaha...
  20. W

    Center channel problem with Marantz SR7007

    Hello distinguished associates! I'm having a strange issue with my Marantz SR7007 receiver and that is the center channel volume level is suddenly greatly reduced, almost to the point where the dialog is hard to hear and I can't figure out why, other than perhaps that amp channel is going bad...
  21. N

    Marantz 5.1 amp problem

    Hi - I'm new here and have a problem with my marantz amp from about 3 months ago when I turned the amp on it would make a loud crackling / popping sound through the wharfedale speakers for about 39-59 seconds before the crackling stops and normal sound come out - click on link what I did was...
  22. Paul Penna

    Link problem

    The link in this post: is actually the correct URL for the product page at Movie Unlimited, but clicking on it tries to make some kind redirect that winds you up on the Movie Unlimited Home page.
  23. P

    Problem with Velodyne HGS-15 powered sub

    In the beginning, it was making a loud buzzing, or fluttering sound that could be affected by tapping on the cone which lead us to believe it was the accelerometer. Since then, we have removed it. How can I replace this part?
  24. A

    Having problem with playing CD with Blu ray player

    Hoping someone could help me out here :( So whenever I play a CD with my Blu-ray player, the speaker seems to always skip the first couple of seconds of the opening track. Any idea what the problem could've been?
  25. J

    Problem with Madman's Buck Rogers set

    Hey, everyone, I just got that Buck Rogers in the 25th Century set from Australia, and I'm having a problem getting the theatrical version of the pilot film to play. I go to the episode list menu and I can select it, but nothing happens after. The other episodes on that disc are playing fine...
  26. S

    Predator 2 Problem

    Does anyone know of a reliable version of the Predator 2 blu ray - I've tried several none of which work (I am using an XBOX) ?
  27. K

    Home theater questions and audio problem

    Hello, Here is a simple breakdown of my components and how they are connected. First, the audio problem. When I watch something from the apps on the TV I get a periodic cracking sound in the audio (no break in the video). I should mention that when I set up the ARC the TV instructions told me...
  28. Edwin-S

    LG finally caved. Go with QLED or another LG OLED?

    LG finally agreed to give me a credit for my defective #G9600 thanks to a lot of arguing by the people I bought my LG set from. They have given me a credit to replace the set. Problem is is that I would have to replace my EG9600 with a 2017 model, none of which have 3D capability. I have 3...
  29. MarkA

    Logan Blu-ray problem

    I ordered Logan through Amazon. I put the Blu in my all region player and it said this won't play in Region C this will only play in Region A. I returned it and got a second copy and got the same error message and it wouldn't play. Any thoughts??
  30. M

    Adcom GFA-7605 diagnose power problem

    Had a lightning strike take out a lot of electronics around the house. Yes everything is on surge protectors. Regardless my GFA-7605 is only working intermittently. When it doesn't work the LED on the power button is dim. The 12v power supply output only measures 11.72 volts. Is this the...
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