1. RMajidi

    International Indicator Weekend Sale

    Received an email notification as follows: WEEKEND SALE! Right now at our website, until 23:59 on Monday 16 March (UK time), we are having a weekend sale which includes over 90 items. Please visit our website for full details. Our standard shipping policy applies. For UK addresses: free...
  2. atfree

    International February 2019 Indicator/Powerhouse Releases

    (Charles Crichton, 1964) Release date: 18 February 2019 Limited Blu-ray Edition (World Blu-ray premiere) The apparent suicide of an eminent psychologist prompts his teenage daughter (Pamela Franklin – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The Legend of Hell House) and one of his patients (Stephen...
  3. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Night of / Curse of the Demon -- in Blu-ray

    In one of the more confusing bits of history for a theatrical release, the UK entity Powerhouse is releasing for R1, Jacques Tourneur's Night and Curse of the Demon, in UK and US release cuts, along with multiple aspect ratios. One was never supposed to see the Demon in this film, but we do...
  4. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Oleanna -- in Blu-ray

    David Mamet's Oleanna, which he originally created as a play, stared William Macy and Mr. Mamet's wife, Rebecca Pidgeon -- who composed the music for the film. The film, which was released in 1994, has Mr. Macy in the role he created on stage, along with Debra Eisenstadt, who was a stand-in...
  5. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Odessa File -- in Blu-ray

    The UK publisher Powerhouse, is new to me. But the fact that they're distributing Blu-ray product thus far unavailable here in The Colonies, or simply passing beneath my radar, made examining their releases a necessity. They seem to be publishing in both Region Free, as well as Region B...