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  1. joe goswami

    Love my Bose Series 1 901's powered by PS Audio - Bring On The Haters

    I haven't posted in a very long time but I've been a member since Oct. 2001 ! I the last year I got rid of my cones and domes Homebrew and experimented with Bose. Honestly, I would never pay retail for a pair of 901's but I got a bargain last year on a pair ($350 - cabinets were shot). After...
  2. Spottedfeather

    Powered Vs. Passive Subwoofers

    My six year old receiver just crapped out on me. No sound. First, after turning it on, it would take a minute or two then it would have sound. Got tired of this, so I left it on. Then, the sound stopped. Sound came back a few hours later. Now, there's no sound at all. If I'm unable to repair...
  3. P

    Problem with Velodyne HGS-15 powered sub

    In the beginning, it was making a loud buzzing, or fluttering sound that could be affected by tapping on the cone which lead us to believe it was the accelerometer. Since then, we have removed it. How can I replace this part?
  4. J

    Connecting powered subwoofer delima

    I have a ht in a box 5.1 receiver that has subwoofer output that is two speaker wires and originally went to a cheap passive sub. I now have a nice powered sub that has an rca line input connection only. How can I connect these two in order to get the bass pumping? splicing wires? adapter...
  5. rivrbyte

    Is there a way to hook up Over the Air (OTA) Antennas, into a receiver, to get surround sound, and w

    Need help with OTA antennas, and running through a surround system. Cutting ties with cable! QUESTION: Is there a way to hook up Over the Air (OTA) Antennas, into a receiver, to get surround sound? Hello! I need to DRASTICALLY cut ties with TIME WARNER, and DO NOT want any long-term...