1. John*Wells

    Best cordless power Drill?

    Bought a black & Decker. A few years ago. Not happy with it. Looking at De walt and ryobi
  2. JohnRice

    Emotiva XPA-DR2 Amplifier Home Audition - Maybe This Is Enough Power

    Approximately 27 years ago I bought the speakers that I still use in my HT today. They're Thiel CS3.6, which are legendary for being hard on amps. They are incredibly hard to drive, but they sound amazing and I could never afford something of their caliber at current prices. In the time I've...
  3. JohnRice

    Power or Refiniment?

    I guess I must be tough on amps. My main speakers (Thiel CS 3.6) are notoriously difficult to drive and it seems they are sending their second amp to an early grave. It's an Emotiva XPA-2, and the same problem it's developed claimed the prior amp, an Aragon 4004II. That Aragon was not a...
  4. John Dirk

    How Do You Deal With Power Issues ?

    Where I live [somewhat frequent] power outages are all but a certainty. Like many of us here, I have some expensive and precious gear and want it to be protected. To that end I installed [professional grade] Whole Home Surge Protection and also have a Panamax M5300 downstream. Unfortunately...
  5. M

    Power Amp for Passive Subwoofer

    I'm working on putting together a subwoofer in the home theater. Right now I have a Samsung 5.1 Home Theater System with 1000 Watt Samsung Blueray reviewer and Thunder TC512 double coil 300 watt RMS - 900-watt peak each passive subwoofer that I would like to use. I can replace Samsung sub with...
  6. Charles_Y

    Harmony Hub & Companion - TiVo power cycle issues

    Recently bought the hub and companion. I have a major issue that never occurred with my other Harmony remotes. I have a TiVo Premiere for my cable tv feed. When leaving a "watching cable tv" activity to watch a DVD for example a power command appears to be sent to the box. The Tivo box and...
  7. T

    Marantz power help.

    So I have an old Marantz SR 7300 that I am having problems with. Plugged in, I see a red standby button. However when turning the unit on, you get a click a couple seconds pause, and then the unit turns back off. No display on the front or any other lights, sounds, etc. Thinking it was the...
  8. DaveF

    Solar power for the home

    It appears the last thread was Sam's solar thread from 2014. So I'll start a new one for myself. A few homes in my neighborhood have gone solar and that got me a bit interested, but I was lazy and didn't followup on it. Then two friends, one a neighbor and one a coworker, told me they're going...
  9. D

    Power Distribution for a Server Rack

    I am going to be moving into my new home soon and wanted to get prepared for a server rack I have been putting together over the last few months. The rack is a large 42U server rack from Tripp Lite. So far, I have the following components in the rack: NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System...
  10. O

    power on power off

    i have a harman avr 1700 bought bran new 5 years ago had no isues with it but now when turn power on with remote or power button on recieve it power up for a few seconds then shut of and power light flashs can anyone reply to what can be wrong with it or give me thread that has info on it...
  11. B

    Popping noise at power on

    I'm pretty sure this has been covered somewhere on this or other forums, so I apologize up front. I had an old (7 years old) Pioneer vsx 1021K receiver that would make a single loud pop noise whenever the receiver was powered on. It was loud annoying, but I got over it. Recently I purchased a...
  12. S

    How Much Power

    The audio salesperson tried to convince me when listening at normal level (home-theatre) we only need the amp to output between 10-20 watts to speakers. Is this true ? So, why do people have clipping / distortion issue ? In which circumstance would it have clipping / distortion ? I guess the...
  13. G

    Sony STR-DH520 Power Issue?

    Hello, I've got an STRDH520 receiver. Works pretty well, except lately I've been experiencing an odd issue. At night, I turn off my receiver. The next morning when I want to watch tv, I turn on the receiver (I have HDMI for Amazon Fire TV, HTPC, and Gaming Console - with 1 HDMI going back to...
  14. A

    Thin mini-itx internal power and ATX power supply

    I bought the wrong motherboard a couple of months ago, an Asus Q170T/CSM, and decided "What the hell? I'll make an HTPC!" So I started doing research and bought some more parts. One of those parts was the Corsair Obsidian 250D case, which has room for a full size ATX PSU. If I don't use a...
  15. King Mustard

    Yamaha HTR-2064 (2011) turned itself off, won't power back up

    We've checked the fuse inside the plug and the fuse inside the AV receiver itself. None of the capacitors appears to be damaged. We've tried without any speaker cables being connected. We can't perform a reset due to no power. Any other ideas?
  16. lukelikesmovies

    Power Rangers (2017) HD iTunes Code FS

    Selling HD iTunes code for 2017 Power Rangers movie $2.50 Friends and family please
  17. M

    Adcom GFA-7605 diagnose power problem

    Had a lightning strike take out a lot of electronics around the house. Yes everything is on surge protectors. Regardless my GFA-7605 is only working intermittently. When it doesn't work the LED on the power button is dim. The 12v power supply output only measures 11.72 volts. Is this the...
  18. gadgtfreek

    Changing HT system around with Power Sound and Yamaha

    Well, For a long while I have had huge Klipsch towers and the center (RF7II and RC64II), but I find myself wanting a little room freed up, and maybe something with a less in your face horn. Plus I never do 2 channel music any more either. So, the shopping began, and Ill start with, speaker...
  19. Scott Hart

    Lionsgate To Release Power Rangers 4K Blu-Ray With Dolby Vision

    Scott Hart Lionsgate To Release Power Rangers 4K Blu-Ray With Dolby Vision Lionsgate has announced that its first 4K Blu-ray with Dolby Vision will be the forthcoming Power Rangers movie. This film will be released in June, which is the same month that Universal will be releasing Despicable...