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  1. K

    Film Posters in bedroom decorating ideas

    Hello. I was curious to ask the opinion of members here. Since I love films so much, I'd like my apartment to reflect that, and I'd like to hang some film posters. Thought to start from the bedroom because I bought a new bedroom recently, and some great handmade table lights, and the thing is...
  2. New World Orders

    LED Movie Poster LED Light Box Cinema Frames

    Hello everyone! I'm Jesse and my company New World Orders, sells LED Light Box Poster Frames. We are located in Kansas City, MO and our frames are US made, warranty backed. Check us out www.neworldorders.com Or message me at [email protected] or here.
  3. R

    back lit movie posters

    Hello all, I was recently helping a friend clean out a storage locker and happened upon a huge box of movie posters. They are the kind that were back lit and in the cases outside the theaters. There are probably 100 or so in the box and most are in good shape. Looks to be mostly from the...