1. liberty610

    Dedicated 4K first player worth it over Xbox One X?

    Hey all. Last year I upgraded all my home entertainment devices. Started with an LG OLED 4k TV and added a new Dennon A/V unit with Polk audio speakers. I am currently using an Xbox One X as my 4K disc player. I have been eyeing up the Panasonic DP-UB820 recently. I'm a fan of physical media...
  2. liberty610

    Dedicated 4K Player Upgrade Over Xbox One X With It?

    Hey all. Last year I upgraded all my home entertainment devices. Started with an LG OLED 4k TV and added a new Dennon A/V unit with Polk audio speakers. I am currently using an Xbox One X as my 4K disc player. I have been eyeing up the Panasonic DP-UB820 recently. I'm a fan of physical media...
  3. B

    Sony versus LG upscaling and the Sony BDP-S6700 4K Blu-ray player?

    There does not appear to be a forum here that discusses the effect on hardware on screen image but disc quality is discussed extensively. I have an LG B8 4K OLED, a BDP-S1700 2K player and a Seiki SR4KP1 4K multi-region player. I recently experimented with the SR4KP1 output resolution (2060P vs...
  4. N

    Sony DVP-CX985V mega disc player interface.

    I know the mega disc changer is pretty old technology. I used to use mine daily until I got a new tv that has HDMI input only. The player has RCA cables out only. What's the best way to convert the signal so I can play all my old dvd's and cd's on the new tv? Thanks in advance for any info.
  5. Kyrsten Brad

    Here’s a Switch. DVD And Blu-ray Player sales on the rise.

    Well chalk this one up to COVID-19. Sales of players on the rise for once. Twenty seven percent rise. Oh and streaming devices also on the rise:
  6. Dave Moritz

    Looking for a good player to play MQA CD's from Japan

    I am thinking about adding a cd player to my a/v system that will play MQA audio cd's from Japan. Does anyone know of players that will play the newer high fidelity audio cd's called MQA?
  7. JessicaN

    Horrible audio distortion from blu ray player

    My sister bought a Samsung 4K TV along with a LG 4K Blu Ray player (UBK 80) last September. The Blu Ray player has HDMI, and also a USB connection. Hooking up was simple and everything; CD's, DVD's, USB and Blu Rays, played great. We connected pair of THX-certified speakers we had though an...
  8. E

    LG blue rar disc player will only work in Aux HDMI port with Onkyo TX-NR656

    I can only get my LG blue ray disc player to display on my Samsung Q70R tv if I plug the HDMI cable into the front Aux HDMI port. It used to work when it was plugged into the BD/DVD HDMI port in the back . I have tried all the rear ports and none work with the LG player. I also tried a...
  9. Colin Jacobson

    Blu-ray Player Glitch (?)

    I use my "backup" BD player almost solely to copy audio commentaries onto cassette so I can listen to them elsewhere. It's worked fine for years, but when I went to use it the other day, I got an image with a massive pink/purple tint. I also got no audio from the TV itself. I thought this...
  10. D

    Question about player...

    So, this is my 4K UHD player, copied it from where it was purchased.... Sony - UBP-X800M2 - Streaming 4K Ultra HD Hi-Res Audio Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-Ray Player - Black. Last night, I started watching final season of GoT on it. Noticed there looked to be a lot of rendering lines in it? Guessing...
  11. J

    Problem with my Sony S6700 Blu-ray player

    I moved it to another room, and now it won't hook up to the internet. I use a wired ethernet connection. I tried it a few times and I also unplugged it to reboot it. Does anyone have any advice ? Thanks.
  12. J

    Help needed with my new Sony X700 UHD player

    I picked it up today and went thru all the setup. It will not display the home screen, with all the apps. Any idea what could be the problem ? Thanks.
  13. O

    4k Player Prices

    Why hasn't the prices for 4k Blu Ray players come down as fast as the original blu ray players?
  14. DanNeir

    Is there NO 4K player that doesn’t have freezing issues?!

    Have the Sony x800 and am well aware of the freezing issue history but after going through dozens and dozens of 4K discs, regular blu rays and dvd I thought the problem was over because it hadn’t happened in a long time. But just now watching the 4K Godzilla King of the Monsters disc the player...
  15. stymie222

    DVD player

    I have been using my Bluray DVD player, for listening to audio CD's. Without spending a fortune, will I get better performance from a new separate CD player ? Any name brand recommendations are welcomed. Thanks
  16. JohnRice

    Decent, Lower Price UHD Player

    Simple question, is there a decent, lower price (under$200) UHD player?
  17. Dick

    How Many Hold-Outs Are Finally Purchasing An All_Region (Preferably 3D) Player?

    Most of the Marvel and Disney and Pixar stuff that Disney no longer releases in 3-D here in the States is all-region, but there are exceptions (RATATOUILLE, for instance). Anyone finally caving who vowed never to go all-region?
  18. dpippel

    SOLD: LG BP350 Region Free Blu-ray Player - LIKE NEW

    ** SOLD **
  19. Larry Scott

    Need Recommendations for a Region Free 4k 3D Blu-Ray Player

    About 2 years ago I purchased a LG 4K 3D TV model 60UH85, with a 60” screen. I love 3D movies. Unfortunately, there is a lot of motion blur when I play a 3D blu-ray. I use a X Box One S to play discs. I do not notice the motion blur when I am playing 2D videos. Also, the problems do not...
  20. greggor

    No audio from connected 4K player.

    I just replaced my BluRay player with the Sony BDP-X700 4K player. The player is connected to my SC67 Pioneer receiver to the same inputs as my previous Sony DVD player. For some reason I'm not getting any audio through my receiver. I've tried other inputs on my receiver and to no avail. I do...
  21. dpippel


    ** SOLD **
  22. dpippel

    SOLD: Panasonic DP-UB820-K 4K UHD/Blu-ray/DVD Player - MINTY!

    ** SOLD **
  23. M

    Dolby vision player on a non dolby vision tv

    Hi, My Panasonic Oled tv is from last year and it does not support Dolby vision (only hdr10+). If i use it with the Panasonic ub820 (support HDR10+ and DolbyVision), will my tv get to display the dolby vision HDR since the decoding will be made in the disc player (and that would mean a dolby...
  24. bombadillo

    Stand alone SACD player vs Samsung Blu-Ray player

    So I'm thinking about getting a standalone SACD player vs using my Blu-Ray player as an audio playback device. I am wondering what the thoughts about a sub $200.00 CD player would be on your guys short lists. I am looking at used OPPO, Marantz SACD, a pro-grade rack-mount CD player, and a few...
  25. P

    Free LaserDisc Player

    I am willing to give my Pioneer laserdisc player LD V6000 plus 10 discs to a good home. Pickup only . It worked the last time I used it. Looks very good. I live about 20 miles west of Boston in Natick, MA.