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playback issues

  1. Tony Bensley

    Pioneer Blu-ray burner still reads Blu-rays, but no longer plays them! DVDs still play, though!!

    Just recently, I've noticed that while Blu-ray discs on my Pioneer Blu-ray burner are still recognized, I can no longer get them to play on that device. DVDs still work on that device, however. I'm worried that the laser that plays Blu-ray discs might be kaput, but isn't that the same laser that...
  2. Tony Bensley

    HDMI Signal Detecting Issue With Samsung Blu-ray Player on our Sony Bravia TV Has Recently Inexplicably Developed!!

    It seems that I have run into one of those oddball, not readily explicable playback issues that are known to periodically develop. This has effectively shut down the playing of the second Blu-ray disc of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956), that my wife and I enjoyed the first disc of (After some...