1. Lostwithout sound

    Pioneer receiver vsx-56ti elite I have to turn on volume up to +12 to even hear it

    there has to be a chip or something in there I can replace and fix it I just don’t know what it is can anybody help me with this …………………signed ………..lost without sound
  2. Christian Behrens

    SOLD! Pioneer Elite CLD-59 LaserDisc Player, RFD-1 Demodulator and movies - local pickup

    I have for sale the Pioneer Elite CLD-59 in the original box, with manuals, remote, and with it I also have the Pioneer RFD-1 demodulator (also in the original box) that allows to play Dolby Digital (AC-3) movies on any regular home theater receiver with a digital input. This player was...
  3. F

    Pioneer VSX-D850S DTS Audio Issue

    Hi there. I have a Pioneer VSX-D850S receiver that works and sounds great. My issue is that I can only get DTS surround to work when I have the channel input set to TV, despite the fact that the source is my OPPO blu-ray player. The audio is being sent via optical cable and the input is set to...
  4. S

    PS4 digital optical to Pioneer Vsx 52tx has no audio

    I've been trying to connect the PS4 (regular, not slim) to the vsx 52tx receiver but even when the PS4 recognizes the digital optical cable, there's no audio for it, only audio out of the TV. I really only need the audio to go into the home theatre, because the video is outputted through the...
  5. tdhcsc

    External bluetooth with a Pioneer Elite receiver setup question

    I've got 2 Pioneer Elite receivers in my home. A VSX-70 and a 50. I'm trying to get an external bluetooth device with 'line in' RCA plugs connected so I can listen to the show on bluetooth headsets at the same time my wife is watching the movie on the surround speaker system so,,, both the...
  6. mitch

    Pioneer Elite VSX LX104 Reviews?

    Hi All, It's been some time since I've posted anything to the forum due to business with work and family issues. Now retired, it's great to be back! I still have my Home Theater Forum plaque in my home theater downstairs. I'm replacing my old Integra DTR 7.8[now not working properly] and...
  7. S

    Pioneer PL-518 turntable very low volume

    Just taken out of cold storage after 20+ years, worked perfectly before and was carefully padded and packaged. Only difference now is 6' extension to RCA cord because of proximity to receiver/amp. Have tried different RCA inputs at amp with no volume change. No difference whether grounded or...
  8. Daniel Ickes

    Pioneer Elite VSX-LX304

    Pioneer Elite VSX-LX304. I just ordered one. I can't find many reviews about it. There are a few reviews on Amazon but nothing professionally. Is it a good one?
  9. Robert Crawford

    Image Makers: The Adventures of America's Pioneer Cinematographers

    A major shout out to this new documentary that I watched on TCM this morning. Anybody else see it? I hope @Robert Harris watched it or plans to do so. I'm wishing this gets a Blu-ray release. The American Society of...
  10. NoodlesMcBobski

    No audio from PS4 through Pioneer reciever

    Hi, I have just purchased a PS4 and as it doesn't have toslink/digital optical audio output I have had to run HDMI to my Pioneer VSX-917V receiver, then out to my Toshiba CT-90329 HD TV. I get video and audio to TV, but no sound through the Pioneer receiver, and can't get my head around why. The...
  11. C

    Pioneer VSX-LX303 center channel levels

    I've had this new pioneer for a couple of months now, for whatever reason, my center channel needs to be bumped up. The problem I'm running into is that it doesn't appear to hold the db setting that I chose. Every time I restart the receiver, the db center level resets, which forces me to adjust...
  12. Len Harris

    Ordered a new 7.1 pioneer VSX-LX102

    Decided to go with a pioneer VSX-LX102. Seemed like a great deal $306. And 50$ for an additional 2 year warranty. It was down to two the other one was a vsx933. It was a renewed amp with only 90 days warranty. Couldn't add anymore. Then I found the 102 new . It looks like it has enough for for...
  13. Steve Satch

    Pioneer SP-BS41 Speaker for sale

    Open box item, speakers never hooked up. $125 shipped.
  14. E

    Help choosing amp for rear surround speakers for pioneer Vsx-39tx elite

    Have pioneer VSX-39TX ELITE what amp (affordable) would I need to power rear surround Klispsch T30's? Fronts are Klispsch KG4's Sides are Pioneer CS 911's Center phase tech Powered sub SA-W303 Very confusing trying too figure out amp, pre-amp, integrated, ect any help would be appreciated...
  15. B

    Pioneer VSX-LX302 speaker setup?

    Hello all, I have a Pioneer VSX-LX302 that I am trying to figure out if I can use it in our theater that has a 9.2 speaker setup. I'm left with a set of surround speakers to connect. We just upgraded our projector to a 4K and our old Denon does not have the ability to support it. Is there a...
  16. ajja

    Pioneer VSX-321 Shut Down

    My Pioneer VSX-321 has recently started turning off for no reason. I can turn it back on via my Logitech remote and it is good for hours, sometimes a day or longer. All 3 HDMI inputs are unitized but only one component at a time is on. Checking all speaker connections and seeing if any wire...
  17. B

    Pioneer VSX LX55

    I have a problem with my reciver. And I need help. I bought the reciver used about 1 month ago and it had the code UE22 within on the screen, but it worked perfect. After some time I had to heat it up with a blow dryer to get sound and now it still turns on but I don’t get sound. Is ther any...
  18. jagman653

    Sirius XM with Pioneer VSX 2021 k

    I'm thinking about subscribing to SiriusXM for our new car, and I've heard that would also entitle me to use SiriusXM at home. My VSX 2021 k users guide says I need a SiriusConnect Home which connects to back panel. However, the SiriusXM website says it's "not in stock," which I assumes it's no...
  19. King Mustard

    Pioneer VSX-324-K-P AV receiver (2013) center channel buzz

    It started happening recently. It doesn't change volume along with the volume control. It appears any speaker that's connected to the center channel at the rear of the AV receiver buzzes/hums and produces no sound. Any idea what could be causing it? Product page | Operating instructions
  20. C

    Older Pioneer VSX 1024k - new use?

    Ok so I have a Pioneer VSX-1024k receiver that I have just replaced because it’s left front channel seems to be shot(very faint sound out of front left, definitely from receiver, on all sources). So my question is, does anyone have some creative uses for this receiver? My current setup already...
  21. M

    Pioneer CLD-D703 mechanical issue

    I picked this up off of eBay, local pickup, no shipping involved. The story was that it needed a new laser. Plugged in, I heard a noise like "I'm trying to work" when a disc would be inserted for about 10 seconds, straining, then the tray would eject. I took the cover off the unit and found that...
  22. Mr645

    Help choosing a receiver (Pioneer, Marantz, Denon)

    Need to upgrade a Pioneer VSX-32 to something that can pass 4k. I am using external amplification so need pre outs for 7 channels. the front mains are bi-amped and I am actually running 5.1 speakers. Anyway, the Pioneer LX-503 has the preouts as do similarly priced models from Marantz SR5012...
  23. M

    Pioneer CLD M90 Unit is not responding to remote

    I have the cu-cld067 remote. I checked with a cell phone camera and each button is showing an active light when pressed yet the unit will not respond to the remote. I have a second laserdisc player which does respond to play, stop, scan and skip (so again I know that the remote works) although...
  24. C

    Sonos Connect with Pioneer Receiver

    I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-42 and am trying to use a Sonos Connect to stream the input from the receiver to other Sonos speakers throughout the house. It seams that that only RCA output the receiver has is the Zone2 output. So, I have an RCA cable from Zone2 output of the receiver to the input...
  25. S

    Is it normal that my Pioneer VSX-932 menu is in imperfect English?

    Maybe a random question. I would feel like the menus of this pioneer receiver would be built using proper English. Is it normal that my menus are written in broken/improper English?
  26. T

    Selling Like-New Home Theater System: Epson projector, SI screen, Pioneer receiver and more...

    Hi Home Theater Forum community, In case anybody is interested in an excellent home theater projector system... I need to liquidate my great setup which I have been enjoying every now and then for the past 2 years. This setup was purchased at Best Buy/Magnolia in Union Square NYC. I need to...
  27. Demonyx

    Price Check: 2008 Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH A/V Receiver

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I want to sell my older (manufactured in 2008) Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH A/V Receiver to a friend. It has been well kept and everything works fine. What would be a fair price? Thanks, Joe
  28. R

    Set up new Pioneer VSX-832

    I use the BluRay player when I want to play CDs, but this new receiver automatically uses the subwoofer and I have not figured out how to turn that off only when playing CDs. I even set it up so I can use the optical cable for CD listening and the HDMI cable for watching BluRays so that can run...
  29. KeithAP

    FS: Pioneer Elite Pro-1150HD (50" Kuro) - Sacramento Area

    I am selling my Pioneer Elite Pro-1150HD. Here is the spec page on Pioneer's site. The picture on that page shows the TV with the optional side speakers. It does NOT come with speakers. Since I was always using my own speakers I never purchased those. The screen has no scratches or defects that...
  30. King Mustard

    Yamaha RX-V377/NS-P20 vs. Pioneer HTP-072

    Trying to decide which home cinema package is best. Yamaha RX-V377 AV receiver (2014) Yamaha NS-P20 surround sound system NS-SW20 subwoofer NS-B20 center channel speaker NS-C20 satellite speakers HDCP 1.4 or Pioneer HTP-072 home cinema package Pioneer VSX-324-K-P AV receiver (2013) S-22W-P...