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  1. M

    New Receiver Yamaha RX-V583 + SUB NS-SW050 with old speakers from Philips 7540

    Hello, I planned to upgrade my home cinema sound. I am currently using the Philips 7540 and I wanted to have a better sound. The plan was to use the 5 speakers from my old cinema system and just upgrade the receiver and the sub, so I bought the Yamaha RX-V583 and as subwoofer the Yamaha...
  2. Pkarm

    Philips HT Remote

    Hello I have a Philips 5.1 home theater and I am trying to connect to my internet via wireless. I have a small issue, the remote that came with the system does not seem to have all of the necessary characters to enter the passwords, primarily the # character. Now I suppose the quickest fix is...
  3. Scott Hart

    Philips Announces New OLED 4K UHD Television

    Scott Hart Philips Announces New OLED 4K UHD Television TP Vision has unveiled its second Philips-branded OLED TV at a launch event in Madrid this week, following on from the critically-acclaimed 901F series launched late last year. Like the 55POS901F, the Philips 9002 will come in one...