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  1. D

    Party of Five - Mill Creek vs Sony

    Was wondering if anyone had taken the time to compare the old Sony DVDs (especially the MOD ones of Seasons 4-6) to the Mill Creek complete series release? I assume they’re all from the same masters, but the original releases had 5 discs for every season and the complete series Mill Creek set...
  2. Nelson Au

    Sony halts licensing to third party vendors. Bad news for the Bond soundtrack titles

    A friend just made me aware of this news that Sony will no longer license to third party record companies. There is a thread on this in the Hoffman forum and Film Score Monthly, I’ve included the Film Score Monthly link below. I haven’t read the whole thread yet. The first post is very bad news...
  3. Sam Posten

    Microsoft turns up the heat on Game Pass, all first party games included on day 1

    Welp, guess I start my free 1 month subscription on March 19th... https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/23/16922558/microsoft-xbox-game-pass-subscription-future-games-microsoft-studios
  4. DaveF

    May The Fourth Be With You, Revenge of the Sixth - a Party

    I've never celebrated Star Wars Day. But my enthusiasm is rekindled by a new movie room, new Star Wars movies and playing the tabletop game Armada. To celebrate, I'm celebrating tomorrow with friends a viewing of the full trilogy. The playlists are: Viewing 1: Superman Theatrical Trailer...
  5. M

    Rogue One & Office Christmas Party

    Star Wars: Rogue One - 150 DMR + DMA - $9 Star Wars: Rogue One - HD iTunes (transfers to DMA) - $8 Office Christmas Party - HD UV - $7 Office Christmas Party - HD iTunes - $4 Patriots Day - HD UV - $5.50 Star Wars: Rogue One - HD Google Play (Canada code, transfers to DMA, temporarily change...
  6. Jake1J

    Fraternity House Sound System Help!

    We are currently in the process of redoing our sound system/Home Theatre on the first floor of our house. Looking to power connected party room, kitchen, and beer pong room. Dimensions: party room, 42 ft by 20ft pool room, 12ft by 20ft Kitchen, 24ft by 16ft Total: 1,400 sqfoot area (We often...