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  1. R

    Triad Nano LCR vs Paradigm 1SC vs Sonance SB46-75

    I am looking for thoughts and comments on these three LCR passive sound bars. We are designing a home theatre system in a new house that requires us to use a sound bar (its being mounted over a fireplace and the fireplace is surrounded by windows) and I have narrowed down our choices to these...
  2. NathanEddy

    Paradigm vs Martin Logan

    I'd like some Paradigm speakers. I went to Best Buy to demo speakers, and they told me Martin Logan was a "sister company." The speakers I listened to were good, but they are $1,300 each. The Motion 60, I believe. Paired with the Dynamo 1100, they were actually quite badass. But the price...
  3. P

    Paradigm speaker question

    I used to own a home theater using MileniaOne speakers. What would be the next step up from those in the Paradigm lineup. If I build a new home theater, I wanted to step up the quality a notch. Plus I want to use floor stands instead of wall mounting. I will still be a 5.1 system. I snagged a...
  4. D

    Paradigm PDR-8 HT Bass Speaker - Works Great!! Asking $100

    Remodeling my home theater and selling some existing equipment. This Paradigm Bass still works great. Asking $100. Pickup in Tomball / Woodlands. Please email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks!
  5. Roger_M

    Paradigm SVS Denon

    SVS 20-39PCi $250 + shipping Paradigm Monitor 7 v3 in black ash $250 + shipping Paradigm CC370 v3 $150 + shipping Paradigm CS 60r $150 + shipping Denon 3803 $200 + shipping We can talk about a package deal if you want all of it or all the speakers. Local pick up in NE IL
  6. MarkWC

    New - Paradigm Reference In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers

    I have three sets of brand new Paradigm SA In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers. I have included the link below with respective details. They were purchased for a renovation that never took place many years ago. Everything has been tested and working. There is one pair of each listed below...
  7. S

    Klipsch versus Paradigm, Revel

    I posted this question on another site forum and got some great feedback so I’ll run this by everyone here. Before the question, I’ll offer a little background info. I’ll be 70 this year and I started playing music (drums, guitar, etc.) in 1959. Needless to say, I have tinnitus with serious...
  8. Sam Posten

    Paradigm goes all in on Persona speaker user customization

    As an owner of 3 Paradigm home theaters I find this fascinating. You can now custom order your new Persona speakers with custom premium colors, metal accents, and cloth grills Video showing the options: Visit the design studio here: https://design.paradigm.com/persona/
  9. themalcontentedgentleman

    JBL Loft 50 or Paradigm Monitor 7?

    Good afternoon, I have a bud who has Paradigm Monitor series 7 speakers. Of which I enjoy. Recently got a Yamaha RXV 483 receiver and am looking into floor mounted speakers. Was going to go with the Paradigm, but notice that the JBL Loft 50's are on sale for the pair for $300 (savings of about...
  10. G

    Finally I have Saved- Kind Advice on Paradigm

    Hi guys, I worked really hard to save some money for a HT upgrade. I'm looking for Paradigm first here is my setup. 1- Front : Definitive Technology PB 2006TL ( Powered) 2- Center: Definitive Technology CLR 2500 (Powered) 3- Surround: Definitive Technology BPVX (Powered) 4- Back Surround...
  11. Ben Truong

    Starting a Living Room Theatre! Need advice! Integra DLB5?

    Hello all! Well I am on the great journey of starting my home theatre in my living room! I am looking for a 2.1 or 3.1 system at the moment. I have done hours and hours and hours of researching and reading reviews and watching youtube videos and here are my options I think I can do. My current...