1. P

    Onkyo Receiver HT-R494 front panel's all buttons and volume got Frozen

    Hi, My Onkyo HT-R494 front panel's all buttons including volume + Standby got Frozen. It is luckily connected with TV with CEC HDMI ARC before it jammed so working fine with movie and audio. But, cant change input and cant use any of the front panel buttons and also cannot be reset as buttons...
  2. JaredSD

    I could really use your help with panel positioning (I need to eliminate echo)

    First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Jared and I am newer to this site. I have loved home audio/video project for many years! I recently built a house, and it is the first time I have ever dealt with a high vaulted ceiling. There is quite an echo in the room, and it’s not cool. As you...
  3. K

    WB San Diego Comic Con Popeye panel

    I know there was supposed to be a panel at the San Diego Comicon a couple of weeks ago in which WB was going to discuss the 90th anniversary of Popeye this year and their future plans, however I cannot find any information as to what was discussed. Does anyone know of any details that were...
  4. R


    I bought an LG OLED65E6V television in July 2016. Green horizontal bands now appear across the panel near the bottom and sometimes ¾ way up the screen. It appears with all inputs – satellite decoders (x2) live TV and recorded TV, 4K Bluray and computer. All inputs are linked to the signal...
  5. squal16

    Sub Front Panel Came Off

    Hi, I had the front wood panel of a Klipsch unglue and vibrate out of the casing (see picture). I can put it back in, but in use, it vibrates loudly. All the wires are still plugged in correctly. Suggestions? I have some Gorilla glue, would using that to glue it back in work?
  6. Scott Hart

    7% Increase Increase In Panel Shipments Expected Q2 2017

    Scott Hart 7% Increase In Panel Shipments Expected Q2 2017 I am always excited to see business booming. There sure are signs that the global economy continues to improve. Global LCD and OLED panel shipments are expected to increase by 7 percent in the second quarter of 2017 quarter to...