1. Hans M.

    Thin green vertical line on plasma TV-- is it dead?

    I bought a Panasonic TH-42PX60U plasma TV in 2006. I love it, but now it has a green vertical line going up and down the middle of the screen. It's thin and not too annoying, but I'm wondering if this means I have to finally retire it or might it be fixable?
  2. John Dirk

    SVS/Axiom Speakers And Panasonic Projector

    Hello HTF members - I have the below items available. All speakers are black ash and in excellent condition. One of the Prime Tower grills has a crack in the plastic but still perfectly fits the speaker. Panasonic projector will include an extra bulb however both do have significant hours...
  3. Kaskade1309

    Can Someone PLEASE Assist Me with Some HDR Questions as They Relate to a Panasonic UB9000?

    I own a Samsung UN65NU8000 and recently purchased a Panasonic DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray player to replace a Cambridge Audio CXUHD unit that was connected to my NU that was giving me some trouble with DVD playback (and which their repair center couldn't fix even after sending the player out...
  4. Kaskade1309

    Can Someone Assist with Panasonic UB9000 Questions?

    I am a (relatively) new owner of a Panasonic DP-UB9000 and while it's not connected to the most ultimate of flat screens (a Samsung NU8000), I want to confirm that I'm set up correctly in order to take advantage of the HDR Optimizer with 4K playback (and even ensure that it's connected right for...
  5. andySu

    Testing Midway Panasonic 9000 freezing and 900 plays fine

    I ain't sure if anyone that has a Panasonic DP-UB9000 experienced any picture freezing with Midway US edition which is what mine is imported. Froze up on a few scenes with the sound playing for a second then resumes playing several seconds later. I also have the Panasonic DMP-UB900EB, where I...
  6. Robert_Zohn

    Panasonic DP-UB820 2019 Holiday Sale

    Just put Panasonic's UB820 4K HDR BD player on Black Friday sale, $100 off so it's now $399.99 plus a bundle deal option.
  7. M

    Connecting Sonos speaker to panasonic TV th-32f400a

    This TV panasonic th-32f400a -does not have Bluetooth or wifi - does this mean that I can not connect them together ???
  8. Bruce Morrison

    Problem with Panasonic TV not recognising an HDMI input source

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my TV not recognising the availability of an HDMI-connected source input. My setup is as follows: Panasonic 4K player (I have just acquired this) Sony multi-region Blu-ray player Denon receiver Panasonic 4K OLED TV The TV has two HDMI inputs. The receiver...
  9. Browns7213

    Main Board for Panasonic Plasma

    Hey All, We had a power surge the other day which took out our Panasonic Viera 65" plasma. Local shop thinks the main (A) board got fried since the TV seems to be working, but we get an error message stating no signal regardless of what source/input we try. Online searches have failed to find a...
  10. William06

    FS Panasonic ub820

    Selling my Panasonic UB820 SOLD Excellent condition works great latest firmware, light use. All original accessories the original remote plus a ub 900 lighted remote and 2 premium certified hdmi cables. All original packing SOLD includes shipping cont us and PayPal confirmed fees. Double boxed...
  11. dpippel

    SOLD: Panasonic DP-UB820-K 4K UHD/Blu-ray/DVD Player - MINTY!

    ** SOLD **
  12. H

    Setting up first Home Theater system with older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver

    Hi all. I'm a newbie here, trying to set up a Home Theater system with an older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver I've had sitting around for years. I've had it playing through a pair of Bose 901 speakers recently, and they sound great. But recently got some Klipsch R14M speaker to attach to the other...
  13. Robert Harris

    A few words about…™ HDR and the new Panasonic 9000 — in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Continue reading...
  14. Osato

    Panasonic TC-P54G10 plasma tv $500 or best offer

    I have a panasonic TC-P54G10 54” plasma hd tv. I am located in the Atlanta Georgia area for pickup. $500 or best offer. Remote, stand included. It is in great shape for its age. Non smoker home. Purchased in late 2009. It was not used for 2 years as well. No issues with it at all. I’ll post...
  15. ChelseaSmile

    Panasonic BD-50

    Hi, does a Panasonic BD-50 will perform better then a dedicated CD player for stereo music. Its will be connected on a Rotel RSX-1057 amplifier
  16. Sam Posten

    Panasonic UB40, er UB450 deck decloaks at CES The new DP-UB450 UHD Blu-ray player is a more affordable option for those buyers who seek wide support for HDR formats. Like the more expensive UB9000 and UB820, UB450 supports both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, in addition to...
  17. dpippel

    SOLD: Panasonic DMP-UB900 4K UHD Player - Excellent

    ** SOLD **
  18. Nelson Au

    Panasonic TC-P65VT30 won’t turn on considering new OLED and repair

    Hey guys, I’m dissapointed with my Panasonic VT30 plasma seeming to die after only 7 years of light use. From what i’m reading on-line it’s likely the power supply. I’m not sure, but I did hear a loud pop and I wasn’t sure what it was as I was in another room and the TV wasn’t even on. That...
  19. Robert_Zohn

    Panasonic 2018 flagship UB9000 w/HCX video processor & dynamic conversion adjustment

    Here's some very good Panasonic UB9000 news.... As you all know I work closely with Panasonic and we are factory direct dealers. We wanted to hit a price point that would be compelling for the enthusiasts to be happy with and to attract new clients to the world of high-end streaming and disc...
  20. gadgtfreek

    Panasonic DMP-UB200

    Grabbed one from Value Electronics since they are such a good price, wanted to compare to the X700. 700 will of course get Dolby Vision, you will have to get the Jul/Aug Panny new models for DV The 200 is actually even smaller than the 700; I like the look of the 200 better 700 has dual hdmi...
  21. gadgtfreek

    Panasonic unveils combo Dolby Vision / HDR10+ UHD BD player Put me down as interested for sure, I love Panny players. The main reason I have a 203 instead of a 900 is DV. @Robert_Zohn let us know if and when you will get the 820 in the states.
  22. Hans M.

    Universal Remote for Panasonic Plasma TH-42PX60U

    Hello! I got this Plasma TV in 2006. It's a Panasonic TH-42PX60U. I love it, but the remote has died. What's a good replacement remote? Thanks!
  23. K

    For Sale: Panasonic Projector PT-AE4000U

    Like new condition. New bulb just installed. $1,500 or best offer.
  24. yairisan

    Panasonic AE-900

    I'll try this question one more time (the first time garnered me a single completely witless response - cheers Peter!). Could anyone shed some light on the Panny in the title? I have a DLP (2007?) Mitsubishi HC3800 which has been pretty damn good. I understand the Panny is 720, but for Netflix...
  25. yairisan

    Mitsubishi HC3800 vs Panasonic AE900

    I have done a fair bit of web trawling to find some information—no definitive answer though. I have the Mitsubishi HC3800, which has proven to be a fine projector in my light controlled viewing space. I've been offered a Panasonic AE-900 for $65, which seems like a decent price. While I'm happy...
  26. DavidMiller

    Now we have a format war! HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

    I didn't see a post about this but since it is cause a lot of talk in the Facebook home theater forums I thought I would share. In case you didn't hear a new format has officially launched. HDR10+, basically the same as Dolby Vision but free (only a association fee) and only 10bit. Samsung...
  27. Scott Hart

    A New WordPress Post

    Scott Hart Panasonic Targets 10% of Indian 4K TV Market, Launches EX750, EX600 Series Japanese consumer electronics giant Panasonic unveiled a new set of 4K Ultra HD televisions for the Indian market along with the integrated UA7 sound system for the higher-end TVs. Addressing the media...
  28. IncredibleGonzo

    HDMI control issue

    Hi all! I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on an issue I'm having with HDMI control in my setup. I've got a Panasonic TX-P50U10B TV, and a Yamaha HTR-3067 receiver. Whenever I enable HDMI control on the receiver and 'Viera Link' on the TV, it sends all audio to the TV speakers instead of...