1. Rick Thompson

    Packaging Complete Series Sets

    I've been amazed at the packaging of some recent complete series sets, mostly from CBS. Recent sets of Numb3rs, The Streets of San Francisco and two of the Star Treks have disks stacked on one spindle, just asking for scratches, etc., not to mention how inconvenient they are to actually use...
  2. R

    Need Help Identifying DVD Case Style

    Hello all, I need some help identifying what kind of DVD case this is and if you know of any manufacturers or suppliers who still produce them. (See attached pictures). The case reminds me of those old Disney VHS Molded plastic clam shell cases, but I am having no luck finding something...
  3. Rick Thompson

    Jake and the Fat Man Packaging

    Just got the set today from VEI, and I'm more than a little disappointed in how it comes packaged. Previous sets I've purchased from them (Cagney & Lacey, The Equalizer, Cannon) were in season cases, but not this one. It's in the now ubiquitous "disk dump" multi-season case. Frankly, I expected...
  4. Spottedfeather

    Certain Size DVD Cases

    I just got a dvd set with the strangest packaging that I've ever seen. I just bought the complete series of Heathcliff. Great show. Anyway....the packaging is so WEIRD. First, and most horribly, the discs are slid into cardboard sleeves. Can't stand that. Second, the sleeves with the discs all...