1. TonyD

    Date of original post in the header page would be nice.

    I noticed something on other sites, there is a date and name of the OP PLUS the date and name of the most recent post. With the way HTF now squeezes the topic list It doesn’t look like much room for anything else. The avatar of the topic starter is there on the left but immediately under the...
  2. L

    Which studio and backlot used for original "Fugitive"

    Does anyone know which studio and backlot was used in the filming of the original 1960s TV series "The Fugitive"? I think the end credits reference United Artists but that doesn't tell me the studio or backlot name. I'm interested in knowing the backlot where the outside scenes were filmed. I...
  3. moviebuff75

    The New, Original Wonder Woman

    I wish WB would release the first three episodes of WW under their original title on Blu-ray. They were ABC specials before it went to series. The pilot was available in two cuts: one more serious in tone. The animated opening was also slightly different.
  4. John*Wells

    Law&Order Original Series

    When the series began being released on DVD. I purchased them One by One in Shrink-wrap. Starting with Season 9 I got the complete season in the thinner packaging. (non flippers) Over time, I have re purchased a number of Series' in a smaller repackaged format not only to replace Flipper discs...
  5. MGW&G2002

    We NEED the Original Will & Grace run (1998-2006) on Blu-ray.

    On June 16 or whenever (or before) they decide to release the final season of Will & Grace on Blu-ray/DVD we also need the original eight years on Blu-ray (separately & together). Season 1 (1998-99): Disc 1 Episodes 1-11. Disc 2 Episodes 12-22. Season 2 (1999-2000): Disc 1 Episodes 1-12. Disc 2...
  6. WillLon

    Stick (1985) petition for Burt Reynold's original cut to be released

    Petition for Universal Pictures to search for and release Burt Reynold's original director's cut of "Stick" (1985). http://chng.it/SVKQbdKR
  7. Nelson Au

    The Planet of the Apes - Original Film series soundtrack collection

    Hey guys, I just got an email about this new box set of the original Planet of the Apes film series soundtrack box set from La La Land Records. Remastered from original tape sources. All the films from 1968 to 1973. I have the original CDs of the Varese Sarabande releases of the first and third...
  8. haineshisway

    THE CREATURE WASN'T NICE - Original Director's Cut finally coming to DVD!

    Hi all. Don't know if this will be of any interest, but back in 1981 I wrote and directed a movie called The Creature Wasn't Nice, which featured Cindy Williams, Leslie Nielsen, Gerrit Graham, Patrick Macnee, and - me. :) The film only played three previews under that title - it was then taken...
  9. J

    Kino-Lorber ABC Pictures Releases With Original MPAA Ratings

    I took advantage of Kino Lorber's sale and bought "Zachariah" and "Kotch" and noticed the both have their original MPAA ratings at the beginning. Are there any more "ABC Pictures Corp." titles that have these. I want to know before the sale expires. Thanks.
  10. D


  11. Dave Moritz

    CBS Online adds another original series

    CBS Online is adding another original series called Star Trek: Picard! Should be concerned about the streaming model and how long it can survive with the number of services online and the separate cost for each? How many people have the available funds to subscribe to multiple services just...
  12. R

    Warner Archive: "Jonny Quest: The Complete Original Series" on Blu-ray

    NEW 2019 1080p HD MASTERS! JONNY QUEST: THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL SERIES (1964) Run Time 572:00 Subtitles English SDH Sound Quality DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 - English Aspect Ratio ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO - 1.33:1, 4 X 3 FULL FRAME Product Color COLOR Disc Configuration 3-BD 50s Special Features...
  13. DaveF

    Tivo: An Oral History of the Original DVR

  14. Tino

    Continue Reading The Original Blog Post

    Not a fan of this “feature”. I much preferred clicking on a review or the Roundup once rather than twice. Is this a choice or a result of new software? Me no likey. ;) Just my 2 cents.
  15. Blimpoy06

    The Original Magnum P.I. Appreciation Thread

    Magnum P.I. (1980 - 1988) This is a thread to discuss and appreciate the original Magnum P.I. There seemed to be some interest in the show after the fun many of us had on Hawaii Five-0. We hope to see the same exchange of opinion happen here. There are long time fans out there, and new ones who...
  16. VITLA77

    Does anyone have the original Ant-Man for iTunes?

    Please respond or PM me if you do.
  17. Nelson Au

    Peggy Sue Got Married Soundtrack Deluxe and original CD

    Guys, I recently learned of the Deluxe Edition Peggy Sue Got Married soundtrack CD that’s out of print. I found a copy luckily still sealed. I’m glad to have found a copy because the first edition that’s only a partial score I own also from Varese Sarabande must be rotting. I played it several...
  18. Sam Posten

    Apple TV+ Apple TV+ Video Service - Exclusives, Shows and Subscribers discussion

    round 3... https://9to5mac.com/2018/01/30/eddy-cue-sxsw-apple-original-content/
  19. skylark68

    Best soundtrack of the original Blade Runner

    I've been looking around and seeing that there are a lot of different versions of the original Blade Runner soundtrack. Which one is the best to purchase? There seems to be a 3 disc version that is still in print (and official) that gets pretty good reviews outside of the 3rd disc. Is this the...
  20. Dick

    International Is there -- anywhere in the world -- a Blu-ray of the original JU-ON?

    One of the truly scarier films of the last decade, and the basis for many sequels, yet, as far as I can see, the original Japanese release is not available on Blu-ray, not even in Japan! Can anyone here (please!) contradict me? Don't mention the Sarah Michelle Gellar remake. I want the original!
  21. dpippel

    SOLD: Fright Night OOP Twilight Time Blu-ray - Original Release

    ** SOLD **
  22. Rick Thompson

    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    Does anyone know how this is packaged? The only art I've seen is of a box, saying it's a slipcase. Are the disks packaged as individual seasons (ex: Law & Order, The Fugitive) or several seasons lumped together in one mega-binder (ex: the Blue Bloods multi-season set)?
  23. DavidJ

    It’s Pan & Scan All Over Again: Netflix Exploring Mobile Specific Cuts to Original Shows & Movies

    From the /Film article: "Netflix plans to explore creating mobile-specific cuts of its original movies and TV shows, which could transform your experience based on the device you’re viewing it on. Is this the evolution of how we consume non-interactive narrative stories…or is this the pan and...
  24. O

    replacing/upgrading subwoofer speaker in original box

    Hi all, So I have an REL Q201e subwoofer that I bought used. There's some buzzing sounds and rattling type sound to it. When I lightly press on the sub, the buzzing stops and the sub sounds amazing. Not sure what it is causing the problem, even after taking the driver or to take a look. After...
  25. DaveF

    "The OA" - Netflix Original (2016)

    I binged Netflix's new original, "The OA" today. I might liken it to Miyazaki films which inhabit their own space, with elements outside our conventional storytelling approaches, and plotting flaws, and yet are brilliant and moving films. I loved it. It isn't for everyone, and there are good...