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  1. T

    Custom Cover Built a shelf- would like some opinions for a question I have.

    Hi friends. Hope everyone is doing good. Well I finally took the time and built a quick DIY shelf in my office. So far I'm very pleased but I have one concern that I'm hoping someone on reddit can chime in on? I made sure to have my last row about 2 inches above my heater. Heater is usually...
  2. S

    Opinions on AV/Amp for ELAC Uni-Fi 7.1.2

    I am looking at purchasing a 7.1.2 ELAC Uni-Fi slim series with Dolby Atmos. I am wanting opinions on a good AVR for source control, but understand a proper amp is needed to push the speakers. Any advice on a make/model for both the AVR and amp while being cost effective? I would rather spend...
  3. liberty610

    New to home theater gear; looking for opinions on my setup

    Hi all, A little over a week ago I upgraded my LCD tv to a LG OLED C9 55" Tv. I never understood the hype about 4K until saw one of these work their magic. I have been more then thrilled with it thus far, and show it off to everyone that visits. Purchasing this TV has triggered the tech geek...
  4. EricSchulz

    Has anyone used the Tubi app/website for streaming? Thoughts and opinions, please!

    It sounds like a Hulu/Crackle hybrid (several movies I've also seen on Prime/Hulu/Netflix), but it's free. I would guess that it's advertiser supported. If anyone has tried it I'd love to hear your opinions! (not that I really need ANOTHER streaming option....)