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  1. Robert_Zohn

    See a new inventive way to wall mount LG's G7

    Check out our latest advancement in wall mounting LG's G7 without the sound bar. We call this "Picture on Glass on Wall" This is the 77" G7 Signature Series display only, without the sound bar.
  2. Robert_Zohn

    On the heels of great reviews; two big TV Shootout wins and improved production prices drop

    Beginning today, Sunday, August 13th, LG and Sony lowered the prices on many of their 2017 UHD OLED TV SRPs. Sony's 65" A1E drops another $500 to now list for $4499 and the 55" A1E drops $300 to $3299 SRP. LG's 77" G7 goes down to $12,999 from yesterday's $15k list and the 65" W7 went down $1k...
  3. Robert_Zohn

    LG's 2017 77" G7 OLED TVs are launching at select dealers

    Just a heads-up to those waiting for the 2017 77" G7 UHD/HDR OLED TV. LG allocated a small allotment of 77" G7s to select factory direct dealers. :) More good news, the price is lowered by $2k.